Its one of those weeks where I don’t have anything worth posting about.  That’s the blogger dilemma isn’t it?  Post for the sake of posting or go quite for awhile until something inspires you.   I’m not at all inspired but figured I’d pop in and say Hello anyway.

I’ve just been puttering around, planting flowers and doing some edging and making brick flower bed borders in a few places in the back yard,  cooking, laundry, taking care of the baby.  Just regular life stuff.  Not much to report.    My cat may or may not be ill, we are waiting for the labs to come back.   I almost hope he is sick, it will be easier than if hes just being a PIA.  We’ll see.  So, I’m still alive, just keeping busy.  Hopefully I will have something to say again, soon. Oh, I did order Nate a pair of baby crocs, I am SUPER excited about that.  Baby feet in baby sandals….NOM to the NOM, Yo!

Hope everyone is having a great week!




6 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. What size are they? Natalie had some last year in size 2. So cute! I want to get her some this year, but it’s tough to justify when she has so many shoes already. What can I say, she’s my girl- did I mention her first word was “shoes”? Oh yes, love the door.

  2. I hope your cat is okay! Your new front door is great. And what kind of flowers will you be planting?

  3. Yep it’s hard to blog when the weather is so nice outside. Seems like I’ve always got something to say when things are chaotic, when they’re mellow, not so much.

  4. Lizzy- yes you are uncool. Actually it means you have better things to do than fart around on line while at work – its LoL speak- do you read MamaPop? Or Can I haz Cheezburger? its the noise you make when you munch on something. –also they spell everything wrong.

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