Pear Shaped Saturday

Do you ever wake up bored?  Ugh.  That’s the best way I can describe my mood today.  I had a few plans, one being to put together the new patio table I got yesterday but I cant lift the box, I opened it to get it out in pieces, still cannot get it out of the box.  Mike is at work so that will have to wait. Then it was to buy paint and flowers, but moody baby (gee think he is feeding off Mom? !) After that plan went down I got antsy, nothing to do. NOTHING!  So, I started cleaning,, that got boring too, since most everything is already clean, cleaning clean things is lame and BORING.  Then, I decided I wanted to go to Target and Starbucks but shoot, I need to shower and Nate’s a little pissy, decide to wait until after nap time. Then, I decide to make cookies.  Nathan protests, whining and whining and blah blah blah!  I pop the cookies in the oven and move him to his crib with some toys and hop to showering.  I have 11 minutes until the timer and most likely, the kid, go off.  Everything was going just fine until…


So, then we needed to go for a walk. Me to relax, Nathan to have something else to look at, Bruno to work off the two macaroons!   Baby and Dog are both sleeping now,  my wish for a iced chai has been replaced with a margarita on the rocks, two limes. 



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