Tummy Time dropout : 2

Nathan has given up on this once again.  He roll’s when he feels like it but mostly its pushups and then… this.  Im not at all concerned but what gives kid, you’re 6.5 months old?  Maybe the mat is just too cozy. Heh.



6 thoughts on “Tummy Time dropout : 2

  1. Any signs of crawling or any of that fun stuff? He’ll be ok. Baby shocks us by doing things we didn’t think she would since she avoided tummy time for a while. She still rolls onto her back and plays with her toys instead of laying on her belly, but we figure it’s her choice.

  2. I am looking at that mat and thinking “ahhh… nap time for Lizzy” so I can see why N has no motivation to roll 🙂

  3. yeah, sometimes they don’t do it- and sometimes you have an airplane boy (did you ever see it?- so cute). By the way, I bought a Mr. Clean mop head today. I’m trying to get away from chemical cleaners, but when something cleans my grout like than… man!

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