The Big Give

I just watched the finale tonight, were you all watching it?  What an amazing show.  If you were not, the premise was you are given a time frame and X amount of money and basically left to come up with a plan, you “give big or go home.”  Most of us wont ever be able to do anything like what was accomplished on this show.  But, I was amazed at what you can get people to give, time or money, sometimes both by just asking.   The people on this show called on strangers and they gave, big time!  They raised loads of money every week, were talking 100’s of thousands.  Big.    It is absolutely amazing and somewhat inspiring.

My  first job outside of the restaurant business was at The Pierce County AIDS foundation.  All these years later that is still the best thing I have ever done.  I loved that job, I believed in what we stood for and while I didn’t make squat I was as full as I had and would ever feel when it came to what I did from 8-5.  I was the volunteer coordinator which allowed me to help others give big in their own way.  I hope one day when Nathan and his future sibling are a little older that I can get back into that line of work.  This show made me miss it.

This past week when I was loading my groceries into the car a family rolled up next to me in a car that I heard die over my shoulder.  I got into my car and sat, watching out of the corner of my eye from behind my sunglasses.  The man who was driving put his head into his hands and started to cry.  I waited, you know that feeling you get… do I drive away, do I offer to help.  I sat another minute and looked over, he asked if he could use my phone.    A very long story short. my cell battery died before this man could get anyone out to help him.  He had no money, was out of gas and was a diabetic and without his insulin.  I had to help, I had already involved myself, I couldn’t just leave now.   I ran to the bank, took out some money, went to the trunk and got him a bottle of water a granola bar and a banana and wished him luck..  But, that wasn’t enough.  By the time I was home I was shaking,  my sister is diabetic so I knew full well what he needed was a shot, he needed more help than a tank of gas and a granola bar.  I called 911 for him to get him his insulin so he could get home.   I know what could happen to him without it, and I knew he would be in the parking lot for a least 30 minutes (another part of the long story) after that,  I was able to calm down. 

I guess my point to this is we all have the opportunity to do the right thing now and then, but do we ignore it or go for it?  I’m sure my Dad will disagree that I did the right thing here, Nathan was in the car with me and I probably should have just minded my own business.  I couldn’t do it,  this family needed help and I was there. 

Next time an opportunity presents itself you can help too.  It doesn’t have to be big, these people didn’task me for anything other than to borrow my phone.  When that failed I found another way.  Being kind can change someones day, just holding a door open and smiling, tiny things make real change.   I believe in pay it forward. 

Comments are closed.  I’m not looking for anything by telling this story, or for doing what my gut told me was right.  I am just putting it out here so maybe next time someone needs help and you are able, may you also be willing.