You know you’re a suburban house wife when

You email your sister a picture of your gleaming grout.  Really, I did. 

In the past year and a half that we have lived in this house I have spent countless hours on my hands and knees scrubbing this grout.  It’s never clean enough for me no matter how hard I scrub.  Well, this weekend I dropped a sharpie and it made a mark on the tile.  I went to my go-to man, Mr. Clean and his magic eraser, got the marker off and for some reason wiped the grout too.  Well, as if I needed another reason to pledge my undying love for these dang erasers…now I have one more.  A box of 4 and 40 minutes later, it was a beautiful thing!







8 thoughts on “You know you’re a suburban house wife when

  1. You make me so proud 🙂 I live by the Magic Erasers — It never ceases to amaze me what they will clean up!

  2. I love the Magic Erasers too. I have another good use for them-cleaning scuffs and dirt off of baby dolls! B’s baby got written on with a pen and voila! Good as new!

    I need to tackle my shower next…

  3. DUDE! You totally need to come to my house! I (stupidly) put light grout in our bathroom (of all places). Need I remind anyone that I am in a house full of boys. The kind of boys that, if they are peeing and you happen to call them – shift their entire body towards you (and spraying pee pee all over the floor). I’m going to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the grout! It’s taken sharpie off of our food saver, fridge, dishwasher, walls, sofa arm, leather ottoman, and two children’s dressers from Ikea. Not going to point my finger at the certain 4 year old boy who was responsible for all the artwork (Evan). Seriously, wanna come over! I’ll babysit. Hee!

  4. That is a beautiful thing. My OCD side applauds your excellent work! I think I could write epic poetry about the magic eraser.

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