Turn off your TV week

So, it is here.  April 21-27,  the week that you are supposed to turn it off, get outdoors and spend more time as a family.  You gonna do it?  Nah, me either.  Not completely anyway.  Nathan and I don’t watch TV together anymore.  There were a few dark weeks of winter where he would sing away watching what I watched and at times Noggin, but not anymore.  I wised up, he is much happier in his saucer or even on the floor with a rattle.  I can get just as much done or not with him that way, as I can if he is watching.  So, with Nathan cured where does that leave the rest of the clan?

I would have never, ever said that being a SAHM would have me watching less TV than a I did before I was a parent.  NEVAH!  I love TV, my reward for working out wasn’t ice cream (you cant call something you eat everyday anyway a reward) it was TV.  I am an HGTV addict (now its just TiVo’d for when I have time).  TV is/was a really big part of how Mike and I love to relax together.  Sunday nights of (o-m-word we are D.O.R.K.S.) 60 minutes and The Amazing Race.  There were a few nights a week were we would rush home from the gym and try to both be showered, dinners plated and in front of it in time for 8pm.  Ahh, that was the life.

Things now are so much different.  We never watch TV together during the week anymore.  We will watch a few saved shows on the weekends after Nate is down for the night and that’s about it.  I spend my free time doing other things, much more productive things.   Since we purchased the big boy booster a few weekends ago, something insane happened without discussion.   We are eating at the table, we strap in the boy and sit up in chairs, not on the floor.  We talk to each other.  Nathan eats his real food just once per day right now and around 2-3 pm, so it isn’t because we are eating together.. but it just happened.  That single act killed the TV.   It’s good timing really, with Mike working as much as he is.   See, before baby we carpooled and worked at after work together so we had our time to catch up on the day and chat.   Both of those activities are now done as alone time so we need to talk, not just zone out.

Honestly, I would have gone for it this week if LOST weren’t coming back this Thursday.  There is no way I can read a book while it TiVo’s just to watch it later.  No way.  That little red record light would just kill me.

So, what are your TV habits?  Are you turning your TV off this week? 


6 thoughts on “Turn off your TV week

  1. I just heard about this tv thing this morning (thank you NPR). I want to do this. The boys are 4 and 5 and watch a lot of tv – so leaving the TV off will be great! I might be able to convince them to put their own clothes away! Brody is working on a comic book and I just organized a new craft space for them… maybe that will encourage them. What a great idea!!

  2. I have no problem not letting the kiddos watch… but then what would I do with my alone time when they go to bed… and dude.. it is November here in WA! There is currently snow on the ground and it is a lovely 38 degrees… I think that we will have our “no tv week” when the sun comes out!!

  3. Yeah, I don’t think we will be turning ours off.

    We don’t watch much but we need it to veg out after a long day before we go to bed.

  4. We don’t watch a lot of TV but Gray’s starts back this week and come hell or high water, on Thursday at 9pm, by behind will be on the couch to watch it 🙂

  5. First off-OMG look at those legs over there–>
    Heehee, love em! Anyway, I don’t think I could turn off the TV for a week. We are not horrible about it, but not great either. My kids get up before the sun, so I let them watch kid shows in the morning til the coffee has kicked in. Then I try to turn it off until Oprah at 4. Then the news runs in the background while we get dinner ready etc. However, when Sean is home, the TV is on non-stop, whether he is watching it or not, he just always has it on! If I turn it off, he turns it back on. I have become the typical mom who wants some peace and quiet, hee hee! I never got why my mom would drive the car without the radio on. I totally get it now that I have kids. 🙂

    PS-Good job on the family dinners! We were the same way before becoming parents, carpooling to work and eating in front of the TV all the time. Family Dinner is much better. 🙂

  6. I didn’t hear about this, but I won’t be doing it. We try to limit our TV watching when Kara is awake, and right now we don’t sit her down to watch anything, so I’m not going to deprive myself from the joys of Judge Judy and Lost just to make a point. Now that the weather’s nicer, though, Luke and I have been trying to get outside more with Kara. We’ve been walking around our apartment complex after dinner–Kara loves the fresh air, and I love finally doing something about this baby weight!

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