Out to Play

We are working in the yard again today, but there are 3 videos added to Flickr if you’re looking for a time waster.  Admit it, that’s why your here.  The sun is out and your stuck at work?  I hate it for you. But, don’t hate me, I got ATTACKED by my raspberry bush.   It hurts like hell and its not pretty, I just came in to take out the splinters, clean it up and put some neosporin on, oh my entire arm.  Wrist to armpit!  Thank god I was at least wearing gloves, the tank top was not a good choice.  SO, see?  Karma got me in advance of the stuck at your desk comment.



2 thoughts on “Out to Play

  1. At my desk… wasting time… reading your blog 🙂

    I would take the raspberry bush over sitting in my office right now!

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