It’s that time of year again where Mike works about 17 hours a day 7 days a week.  I hate it, he hates it and it lasts until the middle of July.  He gets skinny, I get fat.  Well typically I get fat but staying busy with the kid and nursing are on my side this “season”.  Still, I hate it.  I always struggle when he works this much.  Trying to keep myself busy, out of the pantry and in a stable mood.  All of those things can be hard but throw Nathan into the mix and it actually helps.  Mike  takes a break every night to play for a little while and he gives the boy his bath but after that it’s back to work.  It’s not quite as lonely with the baby, I’m okay until he goes to bed at 8.  Then I read or watch some tv but I hate going to sleep while he is still working.  Oh well, I really can’t complain that much.  It’s all of his hard work that afford us this blessed life- so I shall zip it.

The weather is amazing.  Last week it started comming around with clear skys and mild temps, this week we are getting into the upper 60’s!  Its fantastic.   This combined with Nathan sleeping all night, everynight (Holla!) is really had a huge affect on me.   Like I am finally awake.  I get up and the sun is shining and I just get moving.  Before, we would just schlep down to the basement, turn on the heater and curl up on the couch and read books and play with the TV on.   I haven’t turned the TV on during the day in nearly two weeks!  I don’t want to be in the basement family room, I want to be upstairs where the sun is shining and  fresh air flows through the house.   I want to go for walks and to the park and swing with my baby in my lap while he giggles and smiles and kicks his feet.  (those feet * pointing up*)  Bruno is even happier.  He lays on the deck in the sun for most of the day, coming in to have a drink of water.  He hates winter, he hates getting his feet wet, he is a grumpy dog unless the sun is out.  Maybe it is true about sharing traits with your pets?

I’m working on getting my flower beds cleaned up today.   I hope to get some planting done in the next few weeks. Its still below freezing at night so I have put it off until it warms up for good.  I plan on painting the door, getting new hanging pots, a new welcome mat and totally redoing one large bed right under the front window.  The other bed is looking pretty good right now.  I do need to tear out the Rhody’s but the ground cover is looking nice and its blooming little purple buds all over.  I had planned on taking that out too but I think I may leave it and add to it instead. We also have some bigger things to work on, our deck needs some love, at least a new coat of stain and poly but I think I will have to sand the whole thing too.  This is going to be really hard, the thing is freaking huge. Mike was going to do this last summer but never had the time, I was too pregnant. Work isn’t any less busy this go round so I know he wont be able to now either.  It wont be easy trying to get it done one nap at a time, but it’s got to be done.   We also have a broken window pane in our laundry room that needs replacing.  This is super boring but I am hoping that by writing this I remember to actually call someone to come fix it! heh.  I am sure you are tired of reading about this stupid yard work already.  I promise to have pictures as things get going. 

So aside from the busy husband things are going well around here.   Plus, just one more month until the pool opens up for the season.   I cant wait for that.  I really hope N loves it as much in real life as he does in my head!   I cant wait for the little swim trunks and the floppy hat with a chin strap and the smell of sunscreen.  Oh spring, thanks for coming.  Please, make yourself comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. *really big hugs*
    It’s hard having a husband that works such long hours! But it sounds like you’ve got a plan to keep yourself busy and with Nate here, you’ll probably hardly notice that your hubby isn’t home yet. If you need someone you know where to find me. This is one thing I can really relate to!
    And I’m also very glad that spring has arrived for you guys! Finally you can get outside like you’ve been wanting!

  2. Ok- a little peice of mind… Mr. N is 6 months old. Aug will be here in 4 months. Time will fly. Your days may drag, but you will look back and wonder how it is that your baby is almost a year old AND you made it thru the busyest work season! Love ya!

  3. Ditto Me! I am loving spring and having the windows open and the furnance FINALLY off 🙂 I can’t wait for you to post swimming pictures — those will be adorable!

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