Now I get it

This past week great friends of ours had their first baby.   A little girl named Claire.  *swoon*  

This is my first experience with birth again since I delivered Nathan. (Well, SIL Becky but to be honest N was barely a month old so I was WAY too into myself to notice it this way.)  Holy crap is it exciting and scary and happy and wow, do I feel so sorry for them.  The next 6-8 weeks are going to be so hard.  Yippie- babies!  I immediately hopped back onto the emotional roller coaster. 

I didn’t understand why women were so willing to give advice, tell their own story, offer suggestions on baby gear, parenting techniques, stretch mark creams, you name it.   I do now!  Now that I have gone through it from beginning to end,  experienced the ups and downs it becomes the biggest thing you have ever done in your life, with your body.  It is your new favorite topic, you’re an accidental expert.  Accidental, I say that in a way that I mean it.  I am by NO way an expert.  All I really know is what did or didn’t work for me and my baby.  That’s it, yet somehow I can not wait to share it the moment anyone asks.  OH yes, happiest baby on the block, shhshhshhshh, sway sway sway.  Boppy pillow, cradle swing, papasan chair.. I start spewing this stuff like I am possessed.    I don’t really mean to, its just that I get it.  

I get why everyone is so excited for you, wether they know you or not.  I get why they look at you with those eyes when you are waddling through the mall.  I get why the try to take a whiff off your baby’s head when you are out with them.

They do it, err, we do it because we have to.   When you have a baby you suddenly become a member of the worlds largest club, a club where all of us have been there, done that.  Lots of different there’s and that’s but even so the journey is quite similar.  You do it because some how, for a moment when you see that belly, the baby, or even hear the voice of that new Mom on the line you get to relive the magic one more time.   There is just something about the process that gets us going.   Its sort of like I just got off the most incredible roller coaster in the park and while I am leaving I make eye contact with someone about to get on for the first time,  you want to tell them its the most amazing ride ever, they’d believe you but they cant get it until they feel it themselves. So you keep walking with a smile on your face, they will know soon enough.   Isn’t that part of what makes it so amazing?  That you can’t know until its time.  I know I think so.

Welcome to the ride Laz and Ali!  Hold on tight!


10 thoughts on “Now I get it

  1. What you wrote makes lots of sense, though I’d never really thought about it before. It’s certainly the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life! I’m sure you’d agree. Congrats to your friends!

  2. amen sista! …and those first 6-8 weeks are still better ( and shorter ) than my first trimester. hahaha It truly is an amazing experience that just keeps getting better.

  3. SEE!! Welcome to my side of the fence 🙂 This is why I could barely hold it together when you had Nathan! Love you

  4. Hello Christina,

    Thanks so much for blogging about our experience. It’s been a ton of fun. Last night her parents came over and her dad asked me the following question, what does it feel like?

    My answer was that it feels like falling in love. We get to learn from her, and she gets to learn from us, etc. Luckily Claire has a pretty good temperament, so she allows Ali to sleep a little bit here and there.

    Hey Christina! I feel a little bit like I’m starting to emerge from a fog. That I finally let myself actually put the baby down. Why is that so hard? I’m so in love with this little girl I’ve known for 9 days that it almost makes me teary to think about. I think the hormone rush is part of that as well.

    Things are going really well here so far. Laz and I are figuring things out as we go and Claire doesn’t quite grasp the idea that nighttime is for sleeping, but she let me get two two-hour chunks last night, so I feel great! I love being a family and have bonded with Laz so much more than I ever could have thought.

    Thinking of you guys!

    PS– our pics of Claire are here:

    PPS — we just got the 2nd shipment, that’s so much for that stuff too!!

    Love ya guys,

    Ali, Laz & of course Claire

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