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Want to see Nathan in action?  I have a random video over there (points down to flickr photos)  the one of him laying in my lap? Yeah, that one.  Flickr now supports video and I’m playing around with it today.   I am going to make it private later so get it while the gettin’s good.  It is about one month old, so hes a bit bigger now, not as wobbly.

Yes that is my squeaky ass voice- sorry about that- oh and yeah, I could eat corn through a fence, how nice of you to notice my overbite.


6 thoughts on “Now Playing

  1. Omg, he is trying so hard!!!!
    I am crying… he has gotten so big too too fast! Hes going to be walking by the time we are there.
    I nominate a feeding video, I would love to see the hands down “gimme some squash” in full motion!!!!

  2. I teared up watching the video — I am either hormonal or just deranged. Sorry for crying at your baby making gurgling noises 😉

    He is too cute and I think you should dress him in overalls everyday!

  3. Hi there, just a note to let you know that Hunter Jericho Thomas made his appearance at 4:22pm central time. 6 lb 41/2 oz April 10, 2008.Mother and baby are reported to be doing fine.
    More later
    Love you,

  4. ok- I can not handle watching this~ It hurts my heart that it has already been a month since I took this! I miss you guys so much!!!!!! I can not wait to see you both again!
    Love you

  5. He is so cute! And thanks for the flickr video tip! That is great information to have… (Shows you how long it’s been since i’ve been on flickr).

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