Nate and I had a BIG weekend planned.  One of my friends in NC is having a baby shower this weekend and we were going to fly down for the event.  I was so excited; I would get to see my friends and show of the baby.   What an adventure with the baby, he is at the prefect age for some serious socialization. The party is at the same house that my shower was at so I thought it would be so neat to be there with the baby this time.  Plus I really wanted to be there for Amy.   So, what happens?  They go belly up one week before our trip leaving us without flights.    I am so dissapointed.  Now it is so close to the travel dates that the fares are unreasonable, even on Southwest.  So, I will have to send my love via UPS.  That hurts my heart.  Sorry Amy.  I promise to make it up to you.

The only thing that makes it okay is she and her family are moving from NC to Columbus a few weeks after her little boy arrives!  How lucky are we!  This will have a huge impact on our lives.  I can’t wait for them to get here.  I can’t wait for her to call and yell HALP, and have her come over and sleep for hours while I snuggle with her boy, I can’t wait until next summer when our boys are both walking and talking and we are sitting on a bench crying into our Chai Tea, OMG what happend to our babies.  So, I am missing her big event but I will be here for her in life.  I hope I am not overestimating my importance.  Heh!

6 thoughts on “Skybust

  1. yeah….That’s what happens…My friends have babies and move away. Dang these men and their jobs!! Im glad that you will have each other though. We will miss you and Nathan at the shower.

    Dang Skybus and their loss of $$$!!


  2. That sucks big time! I am so sorry you are missing your trip — anything fun planned now to make up for it?

    How exciting to have a friend in town — one with a baby no less! Think of all the fun things you can do — parks, walks, lunches! 🙂

  3. So Cj and I said we were going to go abouts the day like you had bought tickets anyway and were going to surprise us with little N at our front door. Like some perfect movie 😉
    I cant wait to see you and the fam!
    And I call you for help 500 miles away, you better be careful what you wish for my little friend *insert evil laugh* >:)
    Love you woman!

  4. I’m sorry you won’t be able to go to your friend’s shower, and that you’ll miss the birth of her baby. On the other hand, birth itself is important, but it’s only one day in a life. There’s a lot more to that life than just birth and it’s the rest of that life you’ll be there for. That’s the important part!

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