Baby slow down

It seems like everything has changed in the last few days.  Everything. 

Last week was tuff.  Nathan wasn’t regular, he wasn’t eating as well as normal, and he wasn’t sleeping much if at all.  Friday morning he woke up with a runny nose, by that evening he was running a fever.  And then suddenly, he filled his diaper twice, he slept through the night.  Saturday he was 26 weeks old.  Amazing, the growth spurt gods had ended the madness.  He slept, he pooped, and all was right with the world.  Except, his nose and he was still warm.   Well, wouldn’t you know he had a tooth come in over night and the second was right behind it.  Two teeth, over night!   I talked with the Dr about it today and she said that last week was bound to be equal parts growth spurt and teething.  She was kind enough to blow sunshine at me and say that since Nate has slept through the night and without eating for a few in a row he should continue that way.  I hope so, not only for the sleep but to cut out that feeding for good will be awesome.  I have tired too many times without success.

This wasn’t it.  He’s “talking” now too.  Not just the same little ga-ga or go-go over and over again but gab a da oooo’s and Da-Da with infliction and he’s SINGING!  I nearly fell over the first time he did that.  It is painfully cute.  He’s leaning over and sucking on his toes when he’s sitting up.  He can pick up anything within his reach.  He knows how to make his toys work, which ones have levers to pull and which have buttons.  He figures out how to use a new object in minutes, show him one time and he’s got it.  The days of posting with him in my lap are over, he is banging away at the keyboard as soon as we sit down. He is reaching out to me to pick him up, he hugs me back.  He holds my face when I kiss him.   He loves me too!

Tonight, when Mike gets home he will have his first food (if you don’t count the two spoons of prunes last week).  Sitting in his booster seat, at the table like a kid.  Eating.

6 months old and so grown up.   People try and scare you when you are expecting.  “Everything changes, kiss sleep goodbye, you’ll never get your figure back.”  And, yes some of that holds water but what they don’t tell you is while everything changes, its better overall.  Sure, we don’t go out like we used to and often take turns eating dinner when he gets fussy at 7pm (like clockwork) but watching a baby grow and develop is enough entertainment to sustain any writers strike.   The sleep loss isn’t forever, and they make Spanks now.  You can pretty much adjust to whatever the kid has in store for you, and in the end of each exhausting day find that you have never been so damn happy.


Today he weighed in at

18 lbs 4 oz (60th percentile)

25 ¼ inches (cough*fithpercentile*cough)

18.11 inch head- 95th percentile

I cant help but be proud of myself today.  18 lbs 4 oz.  I did that!  All of it, my body grew it and sustained it for 6 months.  I plan on nursing until he is one but from today on it will be in addition to real foods.   All of that is worth tucking some of this into the Spanks!


5 thoughts on “Baby slow down

  1. Wooo! What a big boy! It’s so funny to look at Charlotte and think of her as a big girl and then look at your percentiles for Nate and realize that he outweighed her at 6 months by roughly pound and a half (although she was a quarter inch longer). You really did do that, and it’s an amazing feat to accomplish! He’s a healthy boy and if you keep up like you are, he’ll stay that way!

  2. Amen, sister. Every bit of it.. the lost sleep, the muffin topped pants, the lack of hair styling.. it’s all worth it in the end. (Okay, I might trade some sleepless nights for my figure back, but whatev.)

    I’m glad he’s better.. and doing new tricks!

  3. I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is 6 months old. CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. You are an awesome mom. Congratulations on the foods. There’s no turning back!

  4. YAY! 6 months, I can’t believe it either. Way to go on the big chubby boy! It really is an accomplishment to exclusively BF for 6 months. You should be very proud! Ahhh, now the teeth. Let the biting begin…JK! We’ll hope he takes it easy on you! 😉

    Enjoy your dinner, Nathan!!!

  5. OH WOW!!! This is amazing to read 🙂 Your baby can sing, eat and has teeth — that is more “kid” and less “baby.” Are you doing okay with that?

    I am proud of you 🙂

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