Baby Food

On Saturday we hit the grocery and Target to get all of our supplies for eating and making baby food.

As you can see, I clearly get excited about stuff like this.  He could have used the cloth bibs we already have, regular bowls and maybe even spoons and eaten in his bouncy seat.  But, I wanted to get him his own things.  He loves the booster!


It took about an hour and a half to make the food.  It was really easy.  I am making it because I want to but after loooking at how much food I got out of just a few dollars worth of produce,  I realize that Gerber is a total rip off!  Granted, not everyone has the time or the desire to do this but I think its much more economical.  I did buy a pack of Gerber prunes last week (which did NOT work) and will keep the containers for to go packs because they are perfect size.    I used ice cube trays for portions, one cube is a heaping tablespoon which is perfect.  I will be able to defrost just the right amount of food with minimal waste.  

This is terribly boring, I know.  Sorry!

Be back later on Monday with the stats from his 6 month check up- I can’t wait to see where we are on the chunk o’ meter.


3 thoughts on “Baby Food

  1. And you were told that you had to grow your own garden! LOL! I am glad that it went well! I am overly excited to hear about todays appoinment! Love you both! Happy 6 month birthday little meatball!

  2. I want to make my own food too — I think it is very cool 🙂 What are you feeding him tonight?

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