Dude, 26 weeks blows!

I don’t know why I was never aware of the growth spurt before Nathan hit 3 weeks and I thought I had broken him.  He forced me to go on line and figure out what in the hell was wrong with my baby.  Answer: Growth Spurt. 

Maybe the Mom’s in my life only shared this kind of darkness with eachother, or maybe they just chalked it up to my kid can’t/won’t sleep and never looked for a reason.  Whatever the reason, thanks for the warning.  Sheesh!

I can’t remember the last time Nathan slept through the night but this is an entirely different monster.  For the past 3 nights he has been awake more and more.  From getting up 4 times the first, then he was up ever two hours the second, last night I saw every hour.  He only took his morning nap yesterday, he typically takes 3 naps per day.  He was  whiny cranky pissy pants all dang day so I once again asked Moxie and babycenter and found that putting him down one hour before his normal bedtime can sometimes help.  HA!    What is looking more like the truth is Nathan is rocked to the core by these spurts, Moxie says that some kids can have one night, one week or 3-4 weeks of disrupted sleep in advance of these spurts.

My Mom thinks I’m crazy, “you kids grew in your sleep what are you talking about?”  I hear her, she cant be too far off since I really had no idea that this could be such a big deal.  It is.  I am also annoyed that it’s not even mentioned in What to Expect the first year.  Why not?  Is it rare for this to happen? 

What bugs me isn’t the lack of sleep and the cranky baby, really.  What bugs me is that had I not gone to find the answer myself I would be mad at my kid.  Why the hell won’t you sleep, you’re not hungry, you’re clearly exhausted, what gives.  Cue me loosing my head.  But, because I understand what is going on with him I can deal with it. I am loosing my mind but not at all toward the baby, I know that nothing is wrong with him and he doesn’t need anything, I haven’t spoiled him, etc.  He just needs help while he tries to get thru this. 

So, here I am so dang tired you would think this baby were 2 weeks old, learning to be a Mom.  A patient, clam, Mom.  Still, I hope we are on the other side of this SOON!

 Talk to me Mom’s.  Did this affect your kids, did you know about the spurts before hand? If so, how?  Also, if this was mentioned in your book(s) which one(s)?

4 thoughts on “Dude, 26 weeks blows!

  1. Both of my kiddos went thru no sleep stages.. but I never really knew exactly why. I know that growth and brain develpment can be key. But you forget so quickley how much it really affects you, because you just keep moving. Emeila went thru a VERY tough time at around 26 weeks, but I chalked it up to her recent surgery.. never thought twice. I am really glad that you have some insight! The only info on growth spurts that I came accross was from babyzone.com..

  2. I hope to God our mess is just a really long growth spurt. She was sleeping through the night really well, and now we’re in the same boat as you. It’s exhausting and infuriating. Everyone tells us to put her in her bed and let her cry it out, but we just can’t.
    I have no real advice for you, but I do feel your pain. I want so badly to be mad at her but how could I, she’s just as tired as I am.
    Nate might also have sore gums. Baby’s teeth just refuse to come through but they’re hurting her so badly. Have you checked his lately?

  3. No teeth, I have checked.
    I should add that Im not picking him up or feeding him when he is waking up, just a belly rub or a pacifier plug in and Im out of the room for him to settle back in. He’s not crying at all.

  4. Hmmm, mine were opposite and slept MORE when they were going through a growth spurt. It can affect every kid differently so it doesn’t surprise me. Babies are just plain confusing!
    I’ll tell you a few things that no one told me about having boys….
    1) once they figure out what pockets are, check them religiously before doing the laundry. You will be amused and surprised at the stuff you find in them!
    2) teach them to pee sitting down. By the time they need to stand up due to peer pressure, they will have an easier time learning that aspect of it and you’ll have had a cleaner bathroom!
    3) Stock up on socks. Good socks, cheap socks -they all get about 2-3 wears and washes before they have holes in them.
    4) Make them take off their shoes outside, always. Not even just inside the door, OUTSIDE. They tend to bring home half of the playground inside their shoes and it ends up IN your house if you don’t teach them to take their shoes off outside.

    Good luck and I hope you all get some more sleep soon!

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