How to eat

We are approaching the eve of Nathan’s first real meal and it has me thinking of how it is going to work.  I know for a while it will some baby food twice a day but eventually, he will be eating real food with us at dinner time.  We are a eat on the floor in front of the TV house.  We eat breakfast at the kitchen table every day but dinner in the dining room happens about once a year. 

The kid cannot eat at the coffee table or Bruno will get every crumb and he will go hungry.  That being said, I cant see us changing our ways though I know we will have to.  Such a funny thing, I never though of it before.  I guess in a few months when we move from puree’s to finger food things around here will be a bit different.

One of the random things that fall into the category of “everything changes when you have a baby.”

You can take this as a precursor to the change in direction of this blog in about a week…. On Sunday my baby turns SIX months old.  Six months!  This weekend I will be making our first batch of baby food.  I can’t wait to start feeding him like a big boy.  It will be fun and I’m sure very messy.  You won’t find any peas in the neck pictures though.  I hate food on my kid shots- makes me want to swoop in with a washcloth.  Ick!


7 thoughts on “How to eat

  1. you will learn in a hurry that feeding a baby over carpet is a BAD idea. Meals at the dining room table will be a necessity. You will also lean soon why most families have a tv viewable from the dining room

  2. Feeding them baby food is SO much fun. Charlotte has been on baby food for ages but is just now starting to eat sitting up like a big girl, and she’s taking to it pretty well. I know Nate will be a real champ with all of this food business! He’s growing so fast and he’s adorable. And you gotta take at least one picture of his first meal with sweet potatoes or something smeared all over his face. For me. Please?

  3. Oh, and it’s funny your dad said what he did. I read his comment before I read who wrote it and thought, our tv was always viewable from the table because my dad needed it, not because the kids did!

  4. We’ll be looking to start Clara on solids next month. My concern is that we usually don’t get dinner fixed until after 7:00 p.m. At some point, that will be too late for her. I want us to all eat together, but I don’t know if that’s realistic. I’ll be interested in hearing about your experiences. Gosh I’m so glad that you get to do everyone one month ahead of me!

  5. We were the same, eat at the coffee table.. but that will be an easy transition once you have the seat at the table. You will learn that feeding him anywhere else is such a pain with out that seat! Get ready for family dinners 🙂 I love it! Just wait until he can tell you how his day was! SOOOO SWEET!! Welcome to the next fun stage!!!!!

  6. Note to self: Good thing the kitchen table is in plain sight of the TV in the living room 🙂

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