A big day

We had a few firsts today.  We drank from a sippy, since he is refusing a bottle, tried prunes, and and cut the boy’s hair!  Last month it all fell out, except this little patch right at the top of his head and of course the mullet.  The top just kept growing and growing.  I am afraid of trimming the back, that is some super soft baby flesh back there.  If I were to nick him,, oh the tears I would cry!  Here is a before and after… looks like a little buzz cut now.

Alright, I’m really sorry to go here but we need help.  Nate is lucky if he’s “going” once a week.  He has such gas it wakes him up at night.  We have been trying to get him to drink some juice which isn’t going well, even shooting it down his throat with a medicine dropper isn’t working.  Today we gave him a little bit of baby food.  Poor kid, his first solids were prunes.  He was not a fan.  What can I do?  If it weren’t for the painful gas I would let it go but he is trying to go daily. I’ve read that growth spurts bring change and once per week is not a concern,  I cannot find much about constipation and breast feeding, just that its common for this but he is uncomfortable, is it possible that he just doesn’t have to go? When he finally does its soft, normal breast-milk poop, just a lot of it.
God help me, I cant believe I’m discussing this.

5 thoughts on “A big day

  1. First of all, don’t be embarrassed for asking. It’s a normal bodily function and when it’s your kids and you’re worried, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about asking for information.
    Anyway, it’s perfectly normal to not go for a week or more, as long as they’re not straining or in pain. What you mentioned sounds more like gas than constipation, so you might try Mylecon drops or even some water from a sippy cup. Both help Baby when she has gas, but usually we just have to let her cry until it passes. Sometimes when she’s gassy she acts like she’s locked up inside, but in the end it’s just gas, and I think that’s what Nate’s might be too. She’s never been a regular “goer” really, although one time for about two weeks she was going almost every day. We have to put a tiny bit of Karo syrup in her bottle, and that gets things moving. If he’ll take a sippy cup then just put it in whatever he’s getting from there. Also, applesauce and sweet potatoes help her go, so they might be worth a try with Nate since they also taste better than prunes. Anyway, keep us informed! It’s so awful to see these sweet little ones in pain.

  2. Mylicon drops do help, everytime acutally. I just want him to sleep all night and not wake up in pain. There is no straining at all, in fact, we are suprised ,, “do you smell something?” haha!

  3. I love his little hair cut! So cute! He is growing up so fast! I will not leave my two cents about his little issue as I already have…..good luck 😦

  4. He’s so precious. I know I say that every time, but it hasn’t lessened. 🙂

    Try giving him 2 or 3 oz of water. Seriously.

  5. I was going to say Karo and syrup and the prunes. The prunes still work for Landyn. Ive heard that the water helps too. Im sorry that he’s having these issues as they are no fun for him or mom and dad. When your baby hurts you hurt.

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