Same shoe, different foot

Okay now, it is only fair if I now out myself.  Stuff that I do that makes Mike KraZe! 

1. My half of the closet is a sty!  I always have a pile on the floor.  Its mostly because I don’t have enough drawer space but still, I could pick it up.  My half is of course what you have to trip over to get to his side.  I try to keep the clothes folded that are on the floor but it is still a bit of a mess.

2. I leave my dishes at the computer desk, its usually cluttered in magazine clippings, recipes, and scrapbook stuff, despite  the fact this is a shared space, I totally own it.

3. I don’t put his t-shirts away right.  He has 3 drawers and 2 bins for t-shirts, I’ll be damned if I can remember his categories.  Plain white and workout are as good as it gets.

4. I go behind him after he does the dishes and re-wipe the counters.  He hates that but he leaves puddles all over.

5. The top of my head flys right off if the dog licks his foot for more than 8 seconds.  I yell at him to stop 12 times per day.  Mike thinks I need to get over/used to it, dog is early 8 and I still cant take it.

6. I let candles burn all day, and in rooms I am not in! On elevated, safe surfaces. Oh NO!  (this should have been on his list- as soon as I turn my back he blows them out)

I am sure there are more,  but right now that’s all I can come up with.

Your turn!


3 thoughts on “Same shoe, different foot

  1. O gawd, my husband has t-shirt “categories” too. He’s even made up helpful little rhymes to try to get me to remember where things go: “Plain white to the right” and “Old and bereft to the left.” PUH-LEEZE.

  2. Ok, I am not even allowed to fold his clothes because I just don’t do it right… my side of the closet is much worse then yours and he HATES that too…. If I ask him a question more then once because I think that he did not hear me the first time ( no repsonse) he answers back- can I not even think??? I leave my yogart lid (or the kids) on the counter… but hmmm the coffee grounds that he leaves dailey belong there! OHH the list could go on and on!

  3. Ok, here we go – like you – I have the most ridiculous list of crap that Michael does that bugs me.

    1. He leaves recycling stuff right by the recycle container.
    2. He’ll only unload half of the dishwasher.
    3. He stuffs napkins into his water glass.
    4. He thinks keeping the shower curtain open (so that we can see INTO the tub) keeps the mold off of the curtain liner.
    5. He puts his dirty clothes right beside the hamper (not in.)

    Man.. I could go on and on… but I won’t. He’s a great guy and I’m lucky that he loves me. He’s getting better – I can only hope that one day, newspapers will go IN to the actual recycle bin. Not beside.

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