Talk some smack

Since I have nothing to write about today, unless you would like to hear about my trip to the grocery store?? No, okay then.

 Let’s out some crap that our husbands do that drive us crazy. (Love you babe!)  But by crap I mean stuff that’s pretty lame and not really worth complaining about but makes us nuts all the same.  I can do this because Mike knows, I don’t pull any punches or use a poker face.  he knows… and he reads this so I am really putting my butt on the line.  In his defence, he tries  to correct his little habits but he has a hard time remembering, and I am SUPER picky, so there’s that.  In fact, I see a lot of this face…

1. He trims his sideburns over my sink (where the outlet is) and NEVAH rinses the hair.

2. When his soap dispenser runs out, he drains mine but not without getting soap all over the container.   He could just refill his own, or you know, wait me out and I will do it.

3. Globs of toothpaste,  in the sink and massive buildup on the tube itself.

4. He is a great doggy owner, brushes Bruno’s teeth every other night.  There are white splatters all over my kitchen (cabinets, stove, dishwasher) from the doggy toothpaste.

5  He dirties THREE outfits per day!  (you know who does the laundry)

6. He will wash pots by hand, lay out a towel and put them there to dry,, for all of eternity! I always end up putting them away. Always.

 Okay so they are all very small and not a big deal, but who doesn’t love to get it out a little?


9 thoughts on “Talk some smack

  1. 3 outfits a day?!!!! Guess we created a monster when we used to play dress-up with him. At least he’s not wearing dresses (which is what we used to put him in — he had such pretty golden hair). Besides the multiple outfits, Tom does most this stuff too. Don’t even get Shelley started on the mess Tom makes when you give him access to a bar of soap. I hope you and the family are well. Clara’s new things are blowing raspberries and developing stranger anxiety (fun!).

  2. 1. Somehow, every morning, I am left with no blankets because he takes them all and then when he gets up in the morning all of them somehow end up on the floor. Not only do I freeze, but bed making SO easy… after you throw out your back trying to get 8 blankets and 6 pillows back on the bed 🙂

    2. DItto on the toothpaste.

    3. He lets the dog in without wiping his paws so there is dirty, wet paw prints on the floors that have to be cleaned up… by me.

  3. Ditto #6. Why oh why can’t they learn to put away the dishes too? I mean I’m glad he washes them in the first place but come on, cleaning the kitchen involves more than washing.

    Did you say three outfits a day? Really?

  4. He never throws away fast food cups. He always orders a huge drink, drinks it all, then refills it completely, takes it to the car, and leaves it. He might take a couple sips out of it but within a few days I’m left with a leaky, old-soda mess in the car.
    He also doesn’t drink the last little bit out of soda cans or bottles, which I guess doesn’t bother me too much except that then he leaves them in the fridge instead of throwing them away. Gross.
    You should make hubby do his own laundry! Let him realize just how many pieces of clothing he goes through!

  5. 1) Little splotches of formula powder all over our black granite countertops. There are Clorox wipes in every room of the house.. JUST GRAB ONE.

    2) Laundry that never gets put away. Piles of clean laundry litter the house until I just can’t take it anymore.

    3) His ex wife. 🙂

  6. WHOA! Sarah wins. Game ovah!

    Victoria; He wouldnt mind doing his laundry but its a waste of energy and water to split the loads. I tell you, there is A LOT of sock folding around here. hehe.

  7. Just be glad he just leaves the sideburn hair in the sink…. Michael shaves is whole face AND head and leaves the hair in MY sink. Nice.

  8. I shouldn’t really complain because Luke does a lot of work around our place. He cooks and does our laundry. (How lucky am I?) But he’s not very good about the little things, like cleaning up the formula grains leftover from bottles, or keeping his hair out of the sink when he shaves, or keeping the corners of the blanket off the carpet when he makes the bed. He also has zero interest in dusting. But overall, I’m very lucky.

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