Sometimes, there is no title

It’s a crummy day today, chilly and raining.  But this crummy is a sign of improvement.  Its not 20 or snowing!  Spring, she is on her way.  My bulbs have all popped up in the past week giving me great hope that a change is coming soon.  Until then, I can do the rain.  I am from Washington so that makes me half duck.   When it rains my dad always says, nice day if your a duck.  Okay then.


I know that I am not the only one who freaks out every time the Air Book commercial comes on right?  I tell Mike every night. “Dude, I SO want that, LOOK it fits in an interoffice mailer!”  I love it.   He replies, squashing my hope, “So, this delusion also includes our house being wireless.” – “Um, Yeah! If I had it Nate and I would hang out in bed all day.”  Then I shut up, realizing that I have just lost my own imaginary battle.


 I so want these shorts for the chunker’oo.  But do you order something that is $7 and pay $5 for shipping?  I will look at the store instead, shipping is a racket, plus we have an Old Navy about 2 miles away.   One more reason to look forward to summer, having those chubby legs and feet out for me to kiss all day.


I have chosen a color for the door but am not telling.  I will show you when its finished.  I also have some landscape plans now.   I can’t wait to have a nice looking yard with COLOR!  It will be a process that could take all summer but it should be fun.  I’m going to break it up and do one bed at a time so it’s not too overwhelming.

 So what are you guys doing once the weather changes?  Or, am I the only one who is waiting on pins and needles.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, there is no title

  1. Things I am looking forward to once the rain and snow stop:

    1. Eating outside and grilling for 90% of our meals
    2. Shorts, tank tops and flip flops!
    3. The big summer holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day (can we say F-O-O-D!!!)
    4. Driving with the windows down
    5. All the weddings we get to go to 🙂

    PS: I am so in love with the air book that I have dance I do everytime the commercial comes on. Jeff keeps saying no, but I think the dance is starting to win him over — my birthday is in a mere 1 month and it is most likely our last without baby costs so I think we should go big! 😉

  2. Cant wait to see your door.

    My spring wants are the same as yours. I want my yard to have color…….and grass. This drought down here has taken a toll on our dirt yard. We are going to have top soil brought in… because (no kidding) we dont even have weeds!!!!!!! This soil that the contractor left is like round up soaked dirt. Maybe I can take some before and after pics.

    I like the shorts. I hope that the store has them. They would definitely show off his muscles nicely.

  3. Seeing as our weather doesn’t really change, more like just shifts from “hot and humid” to “much hotter and more humid” and back again, we don’t really shift out ways of life. I’m so glad your weather is straightening up for you and that you’ll be outside again! Our cool season has passed so unlike you, we’ll be retreating indoors for the next few months. I think I’d like to finish the quilt I started, so this would be a great time to do it.
    I’m so excited about your door! Post pictures soon!

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