So after my woe is me post yesterday I took the proactive approach to this bug I had acquired.   I took a nap with the baby – not with the baby but when he was napping, cant go germin’ up the kid.  Anyway, I got a nap, drank tons of water, 96 oz to be exact, and took 4 doses of Zicam.   Then, my perfect little child slept, he went to bed nearly an hour early (8:15) woke at 3:45 for a snack and slept until 9:45.  All of that and, dudes, Im healed!  I have a little bit if a runny nose but my throat and ears are fine.  Fine!  Incredible. 


In boring ways to find/hold onto myself in this mommy gig, I have uncovered another one.  So simple!   I put away my adorable Petunia Pickle-bottom and got out my older red shoulder bag.  I will still use my diaper bag, but when we are just running to the grocery store or Target or wherever I only need a few diapers, wipes and we are set.   Now, its not my Coach or my Kate Spade (who remain in the top of my closet,  I’m trying to decide if I should e-bay them?  By the time I’m done toting diapers I’m sure I will want new ones)  But carrying a purse, albeit a little bigger feels better and more stylish than the pickle-bottom.  I feel badly about it as it was a well thought out gift but I know it’s days are not nearly over.  I just need something easier for the quick errands.  So anyway, I like carrying my cheap-o bag.  Red makes me happy, right now, its all about the happy.


2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Hiya! I’ve been a sometimes lurker for awhile. Reading your posts brings me back to my own time with my first baby at home 7 years ago! Anyway, I tagged you so I could have a good reason to de-lurk. Glad you are feeling better! Sleep makes all the difference.

  2. I remember one day your mother decided sh didn’t need the whole big diaper bag and just threw a couple daipers and wipes in her purse. You decided to show her why that was a bad idea by way of a major blowout that destroyed everything from your socks to the collar of your tiny little shirt. We cranked up the car heat so your naked little body wouldn’t freeze all the way home. Moral of the story is if you aren’t gonna carry it be sure you have a full change in the car

    Love ya


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