What else?

There several things that I love to do, not so much hobbies but activities.   Things like cooking, baking, decorating, organizing, shopping, scrapbooking, Yoga,  watching movies with a big bowl of popcorn (made with my whirlypop) going for walks with Nathan and telling him about what we are looking at.  You know, just stuff…. Somethings I do to keep me, me.  Heidi shook her head at my bare feet this weekend,  “Your toes are always red!”  Yes, they are.  One shade or another, I once joked that Mike had never seen my toenail  unpainted, that changed when I could no longer reach my feet and he started painting them for me.    Somethings you just make time for, I guess my feet are one of those things.   There are a few things I need to add to it, one being hair color.  My Dad literally gasped when he saw me in December, my hair has really started turning on me, that and it’s not seen a color wand since I got pregnant.  I’m debating weather or not to embrace the gray or get back to coloring it, I’m leaning toward the latter.  So is Mike, when I ask him he says “just color it”.  I still don’t have a hairdresser here and my next trip to NC in April is too short to visit Stephanie.  I may see if I can squeeze it in anyway.

So, what am I getting at? I’m still fighting a little boredom. I am happy with how things are turning out with planning my days in advance but I’m not sure if I need something new or just your inspiration?  I want to know what you love to do, or what you would love to do if you were to stay home and the house were already clean.  No answers of laundry or sorting your attic, that stuff wont make me whole.  It may help you sleep but my attic, she’s good.

4 thoughts on “What else?

  1. You color your hair??? Your hair musta started turning really young cause you’re not old by any stretch of the imagination. I’d say do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. I’m a psychotic toe-nail-painter and obsessive hair-washer, but at least that makes me feel good. Well, at least until my hair starts getting a little oily and I start feeling a little twitchy about it. But my point is, you have a baby now, and you certainly don’t have as much time for yourself. Whatever little things make you feel more human, and more attractive (or even more, dare I say it, SEXY!), go for it.

  2. If I were home all day (**pause to dream about how lovely that would be!**) I think the first thing I would do is yard stuff. I love working in the yard — good exercise, you can immediately see the fruits of your labor and it’s something that looks nice for a long time. I can clean my kitchen, but tomorrow it will be dirty again. If I mow the yard, plant flowers and weed the beds, it will look nice for a month 🙂 I like the long term satisfaction!

    I also like “re-decorating” rooms. Nothing fancy, just moving furniture around, add a vase of flowers, maybe a new picture, etc… I just love how new it looks!

    As far as getting out of the house, I’ve been taking the kiddums to an indoor water park/pool. There is a pool for babies (seriously, like 3 inches deep of warm water and pool toys — looks fun!) and I’ve been getting great exercise swimming around with them. Plus, I’ve been watching what I eat because I know that I have to get in a swimsuit every Saturday! When does you baby swim class start?

    Okay, I have one more! I saw a mom at Starbucks sitting in one of those huge chairs reading a book and drinking (decaf) coffee while nursing her baby. There was something about it that looked so relaxing!! Maybe if N napped in his stroller or something, you could take a walk there and then have some C-time 🙂


  3. I thought of another one today — a haircut!! I always love myself more after a good haircut 🙂

  4. I had my hair colored in late February for the first time since December 2006. (Luke and I weren’t officially “trying,” but we weren’t avoiding, either, and I was paranoid about chemical exposure to potential babies.) It was Heaven! If you can fit it in, you SO should.

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