Life-Caffeine= Thud

Nathan decided to throw a 2 hour party around 1:30 am!   I don’t know what got into the kid, he usually wakes up around 1-2 but only for a few minutes I can usually just give him his pacifier and he goes back to sleep, maybe once or twice a week I will have to rock him.  Last night I was awaken to him talking and laughing and thrashing around, like its morning.  I decided to let him be for a bit, to see if he’d go back to sleep as he sometimes does in the morning.  Nope, BIG mistake.  I think I just allowed him to wake up completely.   I came in to get him and he was all smiles and coo’s,  I immediately decided to abuse my power and feed him, surely that will knock him out.  No, it did not work.  After feeding him and rocking him for over an hour I finally put him back down and went to bed myself.  He talked for about 20 more minutes before he finally went to sleep. 

Figures he’d do that since I have a jillion things to do today, and I have to stay up WAY past my old lady bed time.   Heidi and E’s flight comes in at 11:35, I know us, I will be awake until Nathan wakes up at 1 again tonight.  I just hope he’s not wanting to party cause Auntie Heidi will be all about it and then, I will just be hosed. I really hope it was a one night thing.  I need to consult Moxie, I don’t think the next growth spurt is until 26 weeks?

Anyway, wish me luck.  I really have a lot to do to get ready for a 20 month old toddler to be running around here.  Yikes!  The peak into my future is scary… and also, decaf.  Boo.

* Edit- We’ve got rolling people!!!  He just rolled over for the first time, finally. Yay!  Am doomed.


6 thoughts on “Life-Caffeine= Thud

  1. The rolling is so fun — Clara rolled over for the first time on Saturday and has been doing it constantly ever since. She’s been trying to roll over for over a month. It is amazing to see how well she understands what to do now that she’s able to roll over completely.

  2. Way to go, Nathan! You’re on a roll. Now be a sweet boy and let mommy get some rest. Have fun with your auntie and your friend.

  3. Hooray! Kara rolled over a few weeks ago for the first time but hasn’t done it again since. This weekend, she reached out and pulled on the musical handle on her bouncy seat, and Luke and I nearly lost it. It’s all happening so fast!

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