Mama Rocks

If diamonds of 72.22 carts exist, which they do as you can see below.  I have decided that with each child you birth, and subsequently clean up all bodily fluids.  Teach rolling over, sitting up, colors, shapes, potty training, walking etc.  You should be rewarded a carat for each one,  baby one, 1 carat, baby two, 2 … and so on. When you check out of the hospital there should be a diamond gift shop.   Ohhh baby # 5? Lucky you, right this way!  I mean really, its only fair.  We could use something pretty and sparkly to distract from the sagging and dark circles, no?

 Check this out!

A pear-shaped 72.22-carat diamond, expected to bring up to $13 ...


7 thoughts on “Mama Rocks

  1. oh heck yeah!! Come August I would shopping for #2. Question…Do we get to keep the 1C that we got with the first baby? No trading right? Excellent idea…we need new legislation.

  2. Jenny… “What Diamond?”! Man, you let me down.

    I think we have the say. If you have 3 kids you can choose for an additional 1 carat stone or go up to the next size, baby 3=3 carat stone. lets say you would like 3 1 carat stones, make your own past present future ring. Oh I could go on and on! Big family? a Journey necklace…..

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