I’ve got Nothin’!

I’m so boring, and bored and blah blah blah!   Nothing is really going on around here this week.  I’ve just been doing super boring stuff around the house like laundry and caulking the tub and calling the guy who did our roof this past summer because the dang thing is LEAKING!!!  And, he is not returning my calls.  That is not something I want to talk about, I could accidentally damage the Internet. *edit- they did call back and are being very helpful and apologetic, good thing! Interior and exterior to be fixed right away.

 Anyway, I have lots to do but its boring.  Mike is going on his first business trip since having the baby and leaving Nathan and I for a week to fend for ourselves.  My sister and niece are coming for the weekend so that helps.  That may be the only reason I survive actually.  It will be so hard to do this all alone, I need that break at night so badly.  Even though we just sit on the floor and play its different than being alone with him.  Different and sad, I really don’t want him to go.  Next week will be busy,  we will leave every day so the time passes faster.  Anyway, that’s it.  Blah!


2 thoughts on “I’ve got Nothin’!

  1. You completely have my sympathy for being on your own with the baby. Bryan left for four days last week, and I thought I was gonna crawl up the walls. You can do it, though! And MAN, do you appreciate the help when he gets home!

  2. I sympathize with you about being alone. Around here it happens all the time, and it’s hard. Real hard. But, we always live through it lol. I hope it isn’t too hard on you. Hopefully the two of you find something fun to do together, like watching movies.

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