The weather outside is frightful.

My word this winter has been a terrible.  Check out our weekend.   We are at about 5 inches for today, this is what is to come.

  • Tonight: Snow, heavy at times. Gusty winds will lead to blizzard conditions. Low 21F. Winds N at 25 to 35 mph. 5 to 8 inches of snow expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
  • Tomorrow: Snow will be heavy at times along with gusty winds creating blizzard conditions. High 23F. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph. 8 to 12 inches of snow expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph
  • I will take pictures of the after math.  In the meantime, we are staying indoors.  I knew I should have bought those snow boots. 

    Saturday am Edit:  This is amazing!  I have never seen anything like it.  It is hard to tell just how deep it really is at this point (9am) because it is such dry snow and the winds are so high that it is drifting, there is a part in our yard where just the top of the fence is sticking out and our neighbors car looks like an igloo.  The news reports that we are at 15 inches (see pic).   Right now its fun to sit and watch… Later, its going to be a bear to live with.  Temps wont get above freezing until Tuesday and even then the high is only 38.  We will have some major clean up.

    Poor Bruno, he’s bottoming out.  We cant open the sliding glass or front doors because a foot of snow will fall into the house.  We are trying to get him to go out though the garage door.  He won’t go out on his own, Mike had to lift him and set him on top of it.

    Taken at 11 am– 15 inches exactly. Measurement taken after lifting garage door.

    The final storm total is 20.4 inches.  It was pretty exciting while it was falling yesterday.  Today, it looks like a lot of work.

    4 thoughts on “The weather outside is frightful.

    1. At least the worst we have to worry about once this is over is standing water and gooey mud. You guys stay safe and warm!

    2. I think we totaled about 6 inches of rain from that mess. I hope it’s not too hard for you guys to dig yourselves out!

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