Mike and the Man Crush

My husband is in Love with Will Ferrell.  This is no joke.  I like him, loved Old School and Anchorman, we own them and both of his SNL dvd’s but personally think its been downhill since then.  It does not matter how terrible a movie, we must.see.it.  I was some how spared Blades of Glory, as I am pretty sure I played the cranky gestating card to get out of it.  Though I am sure that it will end up in the house very soon and I will have to sit through it anyway.  This past weekend I was fresh out of “cards” and we took the baby to see Semi-Pro.

 It was not good.  

End of Post.


2 thoughts on “Mike and the Man Crush

  1. We saw semi pro – but we brought vodka with us for the diet coke! We are SUCH children! However, it helped us like the movie – in fact, I recall a few belly laughs. Sorry you didn’t like it – you should have brought alcohol! haaa

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