Busy Bee’s

So far this week has been perfect.  Daily plans made and kept. 

Monday we made it outdoors for an hour walk, it was fantastic.  One minor adjustment was Nate had to ride in his stroller rather than the Bjorn.  It was far to windy, he needed his suit to stay warm.  This ment less of a workout for me but it was still great to be outside.  Nathan conked out about half way through.  I was inspecting the neighborhood for ideas for the front door.  There are one frillion Red doors and a quarter trillion Green.  Who knew?  I’m going to have to hit up Lowe’s and see what my options are.

Tuesday we headed out in the downpour to vote and then to Target for the socks, I ended up getting great pair of slippers instead since the socks were for just around the house anyway.   Plus, they had a ton of scrapbook stuff on clearance.  Yay! Nathan came home with a couple new books and test drove a Bumbo seat, he FILLS it completely.  Full,  I went to lift him out of it and it came with him.  Um, super-chunk? Yes.  Looks like we will go for a regular booster for feedings. I though the bumbo would work perfectly while he is , you know, small.  HA!  Not so small  Mom.
Nathan, dressed for change!  His T reads Tiny Democrat.  I’m bound to offend 50% of my readers with that but what do you do.  Sorry Dad!
Today we headed out in the Snow for a Craig’s List purchase.  I decided it was high time Nate enjoyed some jumping.  Boy, was I right!  He LOVES this thing already. I took his socks off and he got it, he started kicking like crazy.  Check out he cankles on the kid.
After he had his fill with bouncing, it was time for some scrapbooking. He didn’t enjoy this quite as much as I did.
Tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym after our first feeding of the morning.  I promise I wont include any pictures of me sweating it out on the elliptical machine.
Weather be damned, we are having a good week!

6 thoughts on “Busy Bee’s

  1. With the first picture, I thought, “Oh, that poor little guy!” He’s so cute, and it’s a shame that it’s so cold that he has to stay bundled when he’s outside. I also love the look on his face in the last one. And as for Bumbo seats…We got Baby one and her little legs get stuck sometimes when we’re taking her out of it, but overall it was a great investment. I think they’re meant to be something of a snug fit. Anyway, I hope you find Nate a seat that suits him! He’s too cute to be without his own personal throne.

  2. That is one beautiful boy!!

    Those Bumbo seats are for the birds. Supposedly, they’re to be used from around 3-9 months (or longer) if I recall correctly. Lili’s chunky thighs got stuck in it around six months. We didn’t get very much use out of it. (It makes me feel better knowing it was a shower gift and that I didn’t spend the money! :))

  3. I need to have a baby just so I can get that shirt!!! 🙂 LOVE IT!!

    So glad you guys are getting so much done!

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