Finally on the flip side

It’s been a week and I finally have my car running again!  My word, you would think that the old 94′ would act up in the winter not the 06′ but I digress, also, knock on wood.  Hang in there old girl, you’re not allowed to give up on us just yet.

So, yeah.  I had been cooped up in this house for what felt like 4-EV-R and now that I have my freedom, 4-8 inches of snow are forecast for the day.  Sweet.  If anyone is considering moving to the Midwest that has never had “real winters” before, I’d recommend rethinking.   I actually love snow, it’s the frigid temp’s that get me all angry.  I can’t justify taking Nate out on a 5 degree day just to run and get some tea when I can make it here.   Even if I just want to get out, it’s stupid to drive around and risk getting in an accident when you don’t actually need to.

We don’t have much going on this week really,  tomorrow I have a Dr appt which will be fun because what makes a bunch of women in an OB’s office happier than a baby? I love to show off my boy.  Also, I love those people.  I never thought I would miss them after having the baby but you spend a lot of time there and really get to know them. I’m actually looking forward to going.  Plus, I know that my Dr will give me a high five when I step on the scale.   I may have missed my “in regular pants by Christmas” goal but I have met the pre baby weight by my annual check challenge.  Yay, me!   Also, as I type this I’m wearing the pair of Jeans that I thought would never fit again.  52 lbs!  Damn, I cant even believe that. Before now the most weight I have ever lost at one time was about 12 lbs.  52 is crazy. Anyway, nothing is planned for Thursday but Friday I have a friend coming to town, can’t wait to see her. 

So, it really figures that my making plans for the week plan has been mostly a flop in the first few weeks, with the clogged ducts and defunct car battery, and now another winter storm but I’m still feeling better.  Even when we can’t do exactly what I had in mind its better to have come up with it than to just sit around having a pity party.  I still think that once the darn sun comes out, all will be right with the world!  The need for all of this will be less and we can just enjoy being outdoors. 

I have never longed for spring before living here.  Nathan can’t wait either, he doesn’t know it yet but he is going to love it.  Walks around the neighborhood, going the park and the community pool, feeling the grass on his bare feet for the first time.   I get excited just talking about it!

4 thoughts on “Finally on the flip side

  1. I am sorry, I know that you wrote about so much other stuff today… but did you say 52lbs??? That is like a whole 2nd grader! Congrats!!!! See you in 16 days! Love you!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! And you have something there that we don’t really have. We don’t long for spring because that basically equates to longing for triple-digit temps again. I hope spring comes soon for you guys. You must be so tired of being indoors.

  3. Spring will be here before you know it! We had a little taste of Spring here in Texas this weekend, it was beautiful.

    Congratulations on your weight loss!!

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