Dreaming of Spring

After spending the morning playing on a blanket half watching Landscapers Challenge and Curb Appeal, I’m thinking of yard-work.   There is so much about my yard that I want to change. 

We have this wonky retaining wall that I don’t really like but its staying because its too damn heavy to move, what the heck would we do with it if we took it apart, and mostly because I think I can work with it.  I hope I can work with it.   I imagine the yard looked really nice about 10 years ago, back when it was done but now its so overgrown and some plants like the rhododendron’s are very sparse and I’m constantly clipping dead arms from it.   I think I’m taking everything out and starting over, even more so now after the great squash of 07′ when we got new siding and the workers trampled nearly everything close to the house.  The yard has no color, we have some lily’s that are yellow (one of my favorite colors) but they look like crap after they die off.   I would like to put in window boxes on the two windows with shutters and paint my front door an accent color since the house just blends in with the sky most of winter.  The first thought on that is a cranberry, it would go perfectly with what is going on in the interior of the house except that the house on the left and two on the right all have that color.  Does that matter?  I can’t decide. 

 So, kind ladies of the Interweb.  Help me!  What color for the door?  Also, any ideas for these flower beds?  

This is my house, in the frozen tundra.  It is bland and boring, so much so we call it the invisible house.  When we first moved in we would drive right past it.  It needs to be woken up, it wants beauty and color.  It wants to look loved.  Does anyone know if nursery’s offer design help?  I have never done anything from scratch before. 



11 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. I LOVE red doors (don’t ask me why, but every house I’ve REALLY liked for the last two years has had a red front door) but I don’t think it would go with the brick on the front of the house.
    On the other hand, since you’ve got a little one and you won’t be able to spend a lot of time outside till he’s older, I’d go with something low-maintenance for a while. Chrysanthemums are pretty easy and all you really have to do is trim them back once in a while. I also like Gerber Daisies, but that’s just me. I also don’t know what grows up there. Nurseries should be able to offer you advice for low-maintenance plants that grow well in your climate. Also, you could check someplace like Home Depot for advice. But, I wouldn’t buy my plants there.

  2. Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about it. I agree that the cranberry door might clash with the brick, it seems a little orange-y, at least from the picture. Would you consider repainting the shutters as well? I cannot put my finger on a color that would look good with both the brick and the paint scheme on the left.

    As for plants, I have no input. No green thumbs here. I know nothing about landscaping, as I am sure you noticed from my own yard. 😉

  3. Shutters are brand new and vinyl so no, I wont be painting them. I watned black and to paint the door black but Mike veto’d me and we got the grey.
    The brick color is a little off there, it is wet, its normally a little more pale.

  4. I am totally with Victoria here. It’s so weird, I actually thought the same thing she did. I drove past a house in our subdivision the other day that before was pretty nondescript, but they’ve put new siding on, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed too much, but the red door looks SO GOOD. And they’ve got little planters installed on their porch (kind of like yours) that would look awesome filled with geraniums come spring. But door or no, geraniums are colorful and easy. And live for a long time with minimal effort…

  5. I am down for a black door. Put a nice contrasting knocker and handle and I think you will notice a huge difference. Maybe you can photoshop the color of the door too see what may work?

  6. A color on your door will be key — I agree with the photo-shop idea. As for plants, I would do some pots on the front porch. I’m not familiar with your climate zone, so I’m not sure what would work. Go hang out at a locally owned nursery. They can suggest what plants will work well for your needs. They might also have some pre-planned garden designs, or at least know where you can get some. I order a lot of my plants from High Country Gardens (they have a web site). The specialize in xeric (low-water) plants and they sell several pre-planned gardens.

  7. What about a kelly green door? I know it sounds weird, but my neighbor did it and it looks great. I will see if I can take a picture of it without looking like a paparatzi!

  8. doors.
    we open them just to close them.

    ask: As I lock the door does it really stop someone from
    walking through?

    know: No.

    ask: As I cover the windows of my Living Room with black
    paint does it really stop someone from looking in?

    know: No.

    ask: If the roof was lifted from my home would my walls

    know: No.

    paint your door your favorite color.
    when your favorite color changes, paint it that color.

  9. I really love houses with red doors. I have no idea why, but I just think they make houses look so cozy. But Victoria is probably right that it might clash with the brick. The Green idea sounds good though.

    (You may or may not remember that I used to post at herhangout. My blog was called “Expectations”)

  10. A friend of mine has a black door and I love it. I wish that we could do it on ours. I wonder if Mike doesn’t like the idea because he can’t picture it. Really, a black door looks really classic. I still struggle with plants. I am thinking about taking a picture of my house and bringing it into a nice nursery (think Molbaks). Most nurserys will give some advise for free.

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