On sucking, with a side of chai

Today is so off.  The baby woke up 4 times last night and has taken to nursing every 4 hours no matter what for about the past 2 weeks.  No more sleeping 7 hours, he must.eat.now.least.he.will, starve.  Or something, so I’m tired.  I’m so *&%^(!@  over winter already, seriously!  I loose my car about once per week to Mike for his safety, which, duh is okay with me.  This morning he stays he’s taking it, fine, whatever I think in my daze and then remember I wanted to see a movie today.  Oh well, not like I have to work tomorrow, right?  I get up and shower anyway,  decide that I will just scrapbook instead. Only, I open the garage door to dump the recycling and lo, my car is in there.  There’s about 6 inches of snow, something is not right.  Later, checking my email there is a message from Mike, battery is dead in my car…… not cool.  It croaked about 6 weeks ago, too.  Something is amiss, it’s a pretty new car. 

 So, I’m stuck at home and in a total funk!  I’m showered, the laundry is folded my scrapbook crap is all spread out which I’m totally not feeling.  I go to my old friend TiVo who is chalk full of favorites, only I don’t want to watch anything,  Nathan is napping like, well like a baby who doesn’t sleep at night and I’m just sitting here, with my tea, pissy. You know what the sucking part is?  I need to workout, I know it, I feel it.  One given in life is your body never lies.  Mine is saying,.


 So, right now I’m going to put a tape in and get to sweating. Right now, even though I showered and blew out my hair and put on makeup.  I’m breaking up this pity party.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a paper bag!  (you know, for the hyperventilating)

*Edit- I survived!   It wasn’t without incident.  Nate woke up about 30 minutes in with his symphony that is the butt trumpet and needed changing that second.  While upstairs tending to that, I hear the unmistakable.   GULP-GULP-GLUP Hooooooooorrkkkk!   Sweet, dog vomit!    Not that I didn’t need the breather but come on. 

I feel better, I knew it would do the trick.  It’s really a shame that I had to hit rock bottom to get off my butt!


3 thoughts on “On sucking, with a side of chai

  1. TurboJam. Kicks my ass every time, but I highly recommend it.

    OOOHH, and I also bought some Celestial Seasoning Sweet Coconut Thai tea. It’s FABULOUS, truly. (And caffeine free, so you can drink it whenever you’re up with Nathan.)

    I feel you on the doldrums. They set in during the winter somethin’ fierce. Hang in there!

  2. I’m glad you feel better after your workout. And my car is the same way. I can’t run the AC without my battery going dead. We think it might be the compressor. I’m threatening Ricky now because I told him back in June that I wanted it fixed before Baby got here and it still isn’t fixed, and Baby AND summer are here already. Bleh. Sorry for rambling. Anyway, hope the rest of the week is great too.

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