Monday, the new Saturday

I love weekends, having Mike home is great and he is super helpful.  That being said, he throws the routine off a bit.  Not terribly but I don’t seem to know what to do with myself when he is at home, its so strange. During the week as soon as Nate goes down I usually run here first, download any new pictures and check e-mail and then either turn the TV on or get to work on something around the house.  I pretty much do the same thing on weekends but its somehow different.   I’m in my 5th month of staying home and Monday is definitely the new Saturday.   He did win the best husband award this past weekend, I gave him the baby at 9am and went back to bed, I slept until Noon!  It was heaven.

This morning started off so productive.   Nate and I were up and out of the house just after 8, we were headed to the post office.  Anyone catch that?  Sort of the punch line, Post Office, Presidents Day.  Damn!  Now we have to go back tomorrow.  I hate going to the post office, there is this cranky woman there who is so mean to me.  She acts as though I can’t handle both an infant car seat and an envelope. 

Raise your hand if you read I would be painting this week and laughed at me….. go ahead.  I got the room taped and the walls washed yesterday, today I actually got it done.  I started at 10am and finished at 6:30pm.  I knew it would take a long time since I would be juggling the baby but it was pretty exhausting.  He did great for the most part but he didn’t want to nap today so that meant he was on the floor playing in the middle of the mess.  He managed to make it out without any paint on him. My hands and feet are very sore,  hands because I have no callus protection at all and all of that rolling really wore on them.  My feet because I paint barefoot, up and down on that latter all day ruffed them up.  Barefoot because I want to know if I step in paint before I get it all over the house, I didn’t step in any today, but, I did sit on my roller.  Cute!

Nathan started two new things this weekend.  First, he’s blowing raspberries.  It’s so cute, funny and slobbery.   Second, he’s started petting the dog.  I cannot tell you how cute that is.  Its only been about 2 weeks since he realized  he has a dog, now when Bruno hops up on the couch to sit next to us he reaches right out for him, every time. B loves it, unfortuately he shows it by licking him right across the face! (Cute but so gross.) 

Mondays plans, check.  On tap for tomorrow.  Yoga, the repeat PO trip and a new recipe for dinner.  Should go just fine.  Famous last words?


5 thoughts on “Monday, the new Saturday

  1. It’s so much fun to hear how Nathan’s developing. Charlotte pets the cat, and has for a while, and it’s friggin adorable too. Gosh, who knew kids would be so much fun?
    And I’m super-curious…what color did you paint the room?

  2. Painting barefoot is so my thing. I find myself with brush in hand every few months increasing and decreasing the temperatures of color on our walls.

    Early one Sunday morning. Vodka and orange juice. That night I was blasting Patti Smith with the front door wide open and covering our living room walls with black paint. The following weekend my husband Cleatus dipped his hands in white and
    randomly ran them along each of the walls. The living room
    stayed that way for a year. Those walls have since lightened several times. They are now a pale shade of purple.

    Walls. We need them and we don’t need them.

    Color. Different shades of the same.

  3. We just painted our living room/kitchen and it took us twice as long as we thought because we had to spend so much time scrubbing shoeprints off the floor. I think barefoot is the way to go 🙂

  4. I agree about the weekends. They are wonderful, but sometimes it’s just easier if you do the weekly schedule. I am so glad to hear you are planning something for each day. It’s so important. Even if it’s just to go to the mall and oogle over clothes that you can’t buy. Shoes, now there’s where it is at! Also getting a new haircut does wonders. I have bangs now- I want to look like Heidi Klum. HA!

  5. I can imagine how cute Nathan is petting the dog. I don’t think Jillian even sees the dogs when they are standing right at her face but the dogs sure know she is there. We have to watch it or she will get a puppy bath!

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