Fighting the Frump

It’s hard to get dressed when you’re not going anywhere.  I mean, why bother?  A clean pair of pants, t-shirt and a ponytail seem to be just fine.   Well, now I get annoying and answer my own question.  I am worthless when I don’t get dressed, sweats don’t seem to produce results even when they’re a name brand.  Also, I seem to feel like a slug in them, albeit a comfortable slug.  Now that all of my clothes fit again I am making a pledge to myself that I will wear them.  I did it last week (except for Tuesday when I was in bed ill) and it really makes a difference.  Putting on some makeup and a belt make a huge difference in how I feel, sort of stupid when Nathan doesn’t care, but I do and I’m sure Mike does, too.  If he were to be the stay at home Dad I don’t think I would appreciate seeing him in his PJ’s at 6 in the evening.

Learning how to do this “job” without loosing myself is a process, apparently.  I am finding time here and there to take care of myself,  keeping my brows tidy and my nails done, taking baths now and then while Mike keeps the baby.  I’m running more errands alone too which I finally enjoy.  Mike has always been great with the baby but I always wanted to take him everywhere, never wanted to be without him.  I’m over that now and appreciate that I can get errands run faster and easier, plus I can blast my music, just like the old Christina used to do. I think that this little tweak along with making plans for each day is going to help.    This week is just a few small’ish things, Yoga, painting, scrap-booking, cooking, and a movie.  Nothing major, just enough to fight both the frump and the cabin fever.  We’ll see how it goes.


6 thoughts on “Fighting the Frump

  1. I’m so glad you’re finding yourself. Unfortunately the process still hasn’t gotten far for me, but it’ll happen. Keep up the good work! And though you’ve gotten into your old clothes again, have you found that your figure has changed a lot?

  2. I am a stay at home mom with my young gorgeous aquarian daughter. (Aquarians run untamed in this family, just works out this way). Me and my husband have been in such an elevated place since her arrival.



    Life becomes shades brigher with each new progression.



  3. Hell, Christina… I go to work everyday and I can bearly fight the frump!! Today’s attire: jeans that I have worn everyday for the last 8 days (gross… I know), a sweater with a hole in it and a ponytail. I put on bronzer and mascara to look like I kind of tried, but we all know that took less that 20 seconds.

    A belt AND makeup? You are way above me 😉

  4. There is a website ( with a Christian slant) that addresses the idea of professionalizing motherhood. This may be of interest to you. It is called Hearts at Home. Also, there is a book called MoJo Mom that in great and of course has some great forums for SAHM. Elizabeth

  5. As a SAHM…I make myself get up and shower everyday. I put on some makeup and clothes and even blow dry my hair. It just makes me feel better. I may not leave the house everyday…but I feel better knowing that I am presentable.

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