When the bough breaks

Nathan and I were out this afternoon running some errands.  Our first stop was PetLand, I love going to petland, they always have both French and English Bulldogs (swoon).  We get there and I find a cart, it’s one of those that hold the basket in the top and there is a lower rack.  I took the basket out and put Nate’s car seat snugly in its place.  We were strolling around both of us drooling, me over puppies, Nate over his fist.  As we were leaving the cart caught the edge of the floor mat and the cart went down, so did I*, so did baby!   I freaked out, quietly.. there was a little girl holding the door for me with her Mother and two sisters standing outside waiting for her who started yelling, two store clerks came running over to help me up, when the say Nathan’s car seat on it’s side one of them, the woman, dropped to her knees to help, she made eye contact with me, she had tears in her eyes.  I was fine but freaked the hell out as I crawled on my hands and knees over to him.  I got his seat upright and he looked right at me, blinked and then smiled.  He really had no idea what had just happened.   The Mother of the three girls carried him in his car seat to my car, the female store clerk carried the dog food and helped me into the car.  Once I was in she put her hand on my knee and asked if I was okay and I started to cry.  I really was fine, neither of us were hurt.  I was so shaken, this is the first time I have felt that lift the car off my baby adrenaline.  Granted this wasn’t that serious but in that second where I was crawling to the car seat laying on its side, the sunshade hanging off, my heart was in my throat.

The seat fit so tightly in that cart, I was so comfortable with it…  I know they are designed to protect them in a car accident so a little tumble out of a shopping cart is nothing in comparison.  Still.

  *on the way home I realized if I had just let go of the damn cart before I fell down… it reminded me of when I was learning to water ski.  I can still hear my Mom yelling  “LET GOOOOOOO!”  while ingesting half of the lake.

6 thoughts on “When the bough breaks

  1. I know how you feel. Lili was four months old when I went down too. I was leaving the house with the diaper bag over my shoulder, the carrier in one hand and the dog on a leash in the other hand. They were both going to the in-laws so they could baby sit. (We get the dog out anytime we can since we don’t have a yard.) The dog was pulling and apparently I didn’t lift my foot up enough or my sandal got caught but anyway, I tripped over a raised portion of the sidewalk. It all happened SOOO fast. The next thing I remember was seeing Lili on her side in her carrier just staring at me like ‘are you going to sit me up right?’ and the dog had taken off and my knees and elbows were on fire. Someone in the parking lot yelled from her car if I was alright. I asked her to get the dog for me and I was on my way. It was such a scary moment and I think about it now that she’s not in her carrier and I’m carrying her to the car. I haven’t walked the dog and carried her at the same time since and I never should have. I’m glad you are okay. Little ones are so risilient, aren’t they?

  2. Oh goodness! I’m so glad you two are okay! I can imagine how scary that was! I can’t believe he just smiled at you.

  3. Sounds like a shock, but glad the two of you are ok. I had a similar experience when I was an au-pair. The two year old had one of those seats of the back of my bicycle, and there were these foot straps that you had to push pretty hard to get them to stay closed. So, you know what’s coming, one day I pushed too hard, and the bike fell over. The little girl was already strapped in normally, but I was totally panicked. I crouched down to get her out, all prepared for tears and blood and goodness only knows what, and she just looked at me, giggled and said “Oopsadaisy!”

  4. God, this would scare the crap out of me. I’m so glad you are okay. And also glad that people came to your aid. Just when I was starting to lose faith in humanity…

  5. Oh Man! That happens to the best of us. It stings the Mama Pride though. I too am glad there were folks who helped you.

    It really takes a lot to break them actually. You kind of have to work at it.

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