Baby Phat

Is this thing on? Wow!  Two days without Internet can make you nuts.   When it rains this much our connection often suffers, as do I.  Anyway, we seem to be okay now.

 Just got home from the Chunker’oos 4 month check up.  I cannot believe that for months ago, today, I had that amazing little ball of sunshine.  I tell Mike all the time that since having him, I smile 100% more, everyday.  Its true too, everyday I am as happy as I have ever been.  Even the days that make me want to light my hair on fire and run screaming from the house, this is still the best thing I have ever done!

 So, just how chunky are we talking?  HA! 

Weight 15 lbs 10 oz (75%) Height 24 inches (10%) head 44.5 cent, (97%!!!!) OMG- his head is in the 97th percentile.  I don’t need to say how grateful I am that it didn’t start that way, right?  My word!

The Dr and I discussed the rice cereal and both agreed that he is clearly getting all he needs from breast milk and that adding cereal at this point would pretty much be for fun, to practice eating.  We both think that we can wait until 6 months when we can do fruits and veggies and a very small amount of cereal and skip the empty calories.  I’m happy with that, it was what I wanted her to say.  I just don’t want him porking out.  The weight he has put on so far is because the milk is custom, apparently he is supposed to be a meatball.  I don’t want him actually overweight which could happen if he digs the cereal. The only thing on the check list of  milestones we were missing was rolling over.  But, he’s this close to sitting up, she said as long as he keeps advancing his skills don’t worry about it.  Since he’s working so hard to sit she said its a sign that he’s fine and just isn’t that into tummy time.  Its when they just stall that its an issue.   That’s basically it.  Aside from the screaming from the shots, my word does that break a Mamma’s heart!  I think the nurse should get some sort of bonus for every baby they have to make cry, I don’t know how they do it.

Does this hair do make my head look big?
In the TMI category, one year ago tonight we learned that Nathan was on his way!  A year, already!  Odd that it’s his 4 month birthday today as well.

5 thoughts on “Baby Phat

  1. I don’t think there is any such thing as a fat baby! It’s his job to eat and eat. Trust me, the toddler years will take care of all that baby fat. My boys eat and eat because children have very fast metabolisms!

    As for his head, both of my boys were in the same situation! They had big ol’ heads! It’s okay, because they’ve actually grown into them now and everything is good. My youngest still has a big head and has an issue with shirts that don’t want to go over his head. I just tell him he’s got a lot of brains in there…

    Time has flown by, I can’t believe the little man is 4 months old already!! WOW He’s still beautiful by the way… i could squish those little cheeks!

  2. He looks a little pissed off after those shots Mom.

    I am with Melodie, babies are supposed to be plump with lots of little leg rolls to nibble on. So what if he has a big ole head, he’ll grow into it! 🙂 He is a little cutie and I want to gobble him up!

  3. IThose shots are the most awful thing in the world. A mommy’s only consolation is that they will save her baby a lot of misery later on. Otherwise, how could we put them through that?
    It’s so wonderful watching him grow. It amazes me how similar babies can be, and yet how different. I can’t believe how he dwarfs Baby! He’s a wonderful baby.
    And don’t worry about the rolling over thing. We were missing that one too, and Baby FINALLY decided two days ago to give it a shot. He’ll do it really soon.

  4. His hair is going away so fast! I am curious to see what color it will be when it comes back in 🙂 I can not wait to see! Kiss that little meatball for me! I love you both~

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