I need to move it, move it!

Since having the babe I’ve been fairly sedentary.  Up at all hours, yes.  Walking from basement to 2nd floor for all diaper changes, yes.  Holding boy while cooking, cleaning, sometimes.  But actual heart thumping, honest to goodness exercise.  Hardly.  I can count the trips to the gym on ONE hand since I birthed the chunky monkey, one hand.  I walked a lot in his first two months before it was too cold, but winter in Ohio, well she’s a bitch. The little red hand on the scale has been kind to me, it continue to go down as long as I watch my snacking.  I’m a mere 4 lbs from my pre-baby weight and as all new Mom’s say, nothing is the same.  Sure, I can get my pants on but everythings messy.  Nothing is tight  or smooth like it used to be.  Okay, you can say its because it was all stretched out to house the baby and that’s true but I know that the real truth is because I have been lazy about getting back into shape.   There, I said it. 

I’m not comfortable with leaving Nate in day care at the gym and I’ve been too dang lazy to get our day worked around it anyway. I had planned on meeting Mike there in the evenings and using the day care then, too.  But no, haven’t done either.  Its time.  I need to make this a priority.  I was in great shape prior to pregnancy, running, yoga and light weight training.  I was as happy with my figure as I had been since I was at my “fighting weight” on my wedding day.   I want that back.  I won’t ever be as light as I was that day, that # is not where I’m healthy but, I can get back to happy.

So, how will I do it?  I’m not totally sure yet.  One thing I can do at home is the Yoga, I have a TiVo full of Inhale, I’m going to start there.  I will also bite the bullet and drop Nate off and hit the treadmill again.  I am just struggling with my health vrs his, if he gets sick I will be SO pissed.  Putting him in the nursery will expose him, that makes me nervous.  I feel like I have the upper hand with that when he is home or out in public with me, but dropping him off… I don’t know.  It’s not the care I’m worried about, just the germs.   What is more important, getting my abs back or a healthy baby?  I’m totally over thinking this,  no?

I have to get it figured out, that is for sure.  Mike tells me every single weekend to just say the word and he will watch the boy, and sometimes I go, but really, hardly ever.   One thing is for certain.  When Nathan hits 6 months we are getting into swim class, I don’t want to be the Mom in the pool with a skirt on her suit!


6 thoughts on “I need to move it, move it!

  1. I think a few germs at the gym’s day care will be good for Nathan — it will help build his immunity. That said — 4 pounds away from your pre-baby weight!!! I don’t care if things are messy, that’s awesome. I work out every day and still have 20 pounds to go — 20!!! Count your blessings, but don’t worry about Nathan getting sick. After all, just think of Clara, she’ll be in day care every day for 8+ hours.

  2. I know winter is a bitch, but seriously, pack up warmly and get the two of you out there and walk. Nate will cope with it fine if he’s appropriately dressed and covered, and you’ll soon warm up if you get a good pace going…

  3. We just bought an elliptical machine, when my weight crept back up over the pre-baby weight. And I’ve been doing 3X a week for 30 minutes, and I feel a lot better. I’ve only lost two pounds, but I feel a lot better. I still couldn’t do 3 miles on the treadmill every day like I used to before getting knocked up, but it’s a start. And we all start somewhere!

  4. I’ll tell you what my mother and most of the girls I know keep on telling me: You’ve got a little baby at home. You’re already not eating like you should, and you’re burning a LOT of calories just feeding him and seeing to his needs. There’s a reason you put on extra weight while you’re pregnant that doesn’t come right off. It’s there to help you through the hard early months. There’s plenty of time to get the weight off. Right now, just focus on trying to eat healthy and sleeping the best you can. The rest will fall into place as Nate gets older and can more easily be left with someone for a while so you can go work out.

  5. I agree about the germs in the daycare at the gym. You want him to be exposed to some germs to help build his immunity. However, it doesn’t really sound as though you want to go to the gym. I was that way also. I found that I enjoyed walking or hiking far more than 2 hours at the gym. If you find something you like doing (skating is GREAT exercise) then you will be committed to that activity. By the way, your husband is more than capable of watching that baby! You need to do this for your mental health as well! Staying with the baby all the time will make you crazy!

  6. Ok, I’m just getting caught up. I know, bad SIL. I hope you are not putting too much pressure on yourself. I was so worried when Gabe was first born that I was not doing the right things, eating the right things, exposing him to the right/wrong things. I was depressed a lot. Natalie had a cold when she was two weeks old. There was nothing I could do about it- apart from keeping Gabe at home- which would have been maddening. I took Gabe to the gym when he was 4 months. I had to, that was the only way I could get a shower. You are a fabulous mother.

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