My Baby Wont sleep pie, errr cake.

Anyone see Waitress? It’s cute, she names her pies stuff like that.  I’m cheatin’ on my husband pie, or Husbands gonna kill his cheatin’ wife, pie.  Anyway.

I’d rather pour a glass of wine or drive thru Starbucks but for now baking will have to do. 

Pumpkin Spice with chocloate chunks!

It is good!  So moist with the pumpkin and cream cheese added to the mix, Yum! 
This week has been so hard. I though the worst of the night shift was behind us but the 4 month sleep regression has reared its ugly head.  From what I have read this may not improve until around after 20 weeks.  It helps to know that nothing is wrong and that it is just growth spurt related by my word, how much can one baby grow in a short period.  He is already a big healthy boy,  like add the disclaimer of the camera adds 10 lbs healthy.  His 4 month check up is on the 6th, I’m betting his Dr changes her tune about adding rice cereal in.  Even if she doesn’t and says to give it to him,  I may not.  I don’t think he will benefit one bit from it, why not wait until 6 months?  Well see, just my feeling for right now.  I will certainly listen to the Dr’s advice before making any decisions.  Anybody else feel like its just empty calories and lacking in nutrition? Not unlike the cake, pictured above?  Look, I used egg beaters, Enova oil and reduced fat cream cheese, OKAY?! Heh.

6 thoughts on “My Baby Wont sleep pie, errr cake.

  1. Actually, I think your cake is pretty darned healthy, as cakes go, because of the pumpkin. It would have beta carotene and fiber from that, and you’ve lowered the saturated fat content and the cholesterol profile too.

    As for the rice cereal, it probably wouldn’t hurt, but I doubt it would help, either. It is much lower calories than formula or mommy milk. Most babies still have the tounge reflex that causes them to push food back out at 4 mos, so it seems like nature is saying “not quite yet” to me, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Um, I want that cake. Like, BAD.

    IMHO, we’re against cereal. Don’t get me wrong; the idea of sleeping for six hours at a time sound MIGHTY appealing, but their little tummies aren’t set up to digest it yet (per our pediatrician), which is why it sits longer. Although Mal had a good point with the caloric thing.. Lord knows Tony is turning into a chunk.

  3. I don’t remember what I fed my boys. I do know that Brody was holding his own bottle by 3 months. However, I have a great excuse – when Brody was 4 months old, I was pregnant with his little brother. So between the post-pregnancy hormones, depression and madness – I wasn’t remembering anything! I think I started both of them on rice cereal at 5 months or so.

  4. I waited till 5 months for the cereal. I am with Mal about the little tongue thing.

    However -you got mad baking skillz! I should be so talented.

  5. You know how I feel about ceral, having done it both ways (staring it early for medical reasons and then waiting with my second) …

    BUT, I love your title this week, I thought of you when I watched that movie 🙂 It felt like we should have watched it together with our take out and ice cream 🙂 Love you

  6. No opinion on rice cereal yet, but I LOVED The Waitress. I saw about two weeks after Kara was born, and I went around singing that one song Jenna got from her mom for days afterward. Is that a real song? I’d love to know.

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