Tired, Again

Well, I knew it couldn’t last forever.  We had a terrible night last night!  Nathan was down at 10 but it was quite a battle.  He was up at, 11, 1:15, 2:30, 4:15, 5:35, ate at 6, and up for the day at 8 and all smiles.  Thank goodness we both got a nap after his 10am feeding but cripes, that blew!

I’m hoping it was a one night thing…..

Also, he’s really getting heavy so I got on the scale with him yesterday.  16 lbs! 


6 thoughts on “Tired, Again

  1. I’ll be thinking sleepy thoughts for you tonight.

    Who am I kidding? I’ve got a six-week old. I think sleepy thoughts ALL THE TIME. I’ll just start dedicating them to you.

  2. Darn that adorable little boy! I wish you a good night’s sleep tonight. At least 4 hours straight! I remember the first night that both boys slept through the night… I woke in the morning and could not believe I slept the entire night! Good luck!

  3. It’ll happen sometimes. Baby was really good for a month or so and now she’s back to sleeping four hours and wanting a bottle. It’ll work out eventually though, so while you’re sleepy just remember…it’ll come.

  4. OMG 16 lbs??? He has almost caught up to B…I put her on the scale yesterday and she was 17.5 fully clothed and I thought that was good! Way to go Nathan and Mommy! 🙂

  5. As Moxie would say, 4 month sleep regression! ;o) Doesn’t help you now, but maybe it’s slightly reaussuring to know that it’s normal and he’ll get over it soon….

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