DeLurk- All the cool kids are doing it!

Us in the blog world use a little word, lurking.  It’s when you, the reader slip in, read and slip out.  Never commenting just enjoying our little corner of the web and leaving, undetected, or so you thought.  See, since I moved to wordpress I now have a function that counts visits so while I don’t know most of who has been here, I can see how many people are visiting. My stats are starting to blow my socks off, I typically get less than 10 comments, I never knew so may people were coming  so I would really love to know who is out there.

So, today is the day!  You don’t have to say much, just Hi or De-Lurking or  BO!  Come on, you can do it.

Nathan wants to know who you are.

Honestly, I’m humbled.  Thank you all for making me part of your day.  I’m happy that there is something here you enjoy.  Even if it is just the cute kid!

8 thoughts on “DeLurk- All the cool kids are doing it!

  1. Can not remember how I found your blog but have been reading it for awhile. I think I continued to read it because you mentioned something about NC which is where I am from and still live. I have throughly enjoyed reading and you have the most handsome young son.

  2. HELLO! Well I don’t feel like a lurker but I do read most of your posts when I get a chance and I reply if I feel I can add any value…otherwise you know I would rather talk on the phone than type…it doesn’t require 2 free hands. Heehee!

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