Spoiled. Rotten?

I have always found a way to get what I want.  Now, that sounds sort of bad but hear me out.  As a kid when I wanted a pair of black Converse, Mom said, I’m not buying you those ugly shoes, you want them you buy them.   I was in 5th grade so I babysat and did a load of chores to earn the money.  But in the end,  you can bet I got those shoes.  This pretty much applies to my whole life, when I want something I get it.   Of course as I got older it got easier, with outside babysitting jobs and eventually real work.  I got my drivers licence, car and first job all in the same breath.  I had to have money, not just for gas but for life.  Each new item I would find a must have I would come home and find a way.  I would get so excited planning out a budget or a way to earn more and figure exactly how long it would take before the coveted item would be mine.  How many weeks at this job or how long until the next bonus check.

Well, now that I’m not working I’m hosed!  No allowance, I don’t get paid for chores, I can’t  just do extra laundry or clean my room or wash the car.  I don’t get paid for that or anything.  It sucks! I knew that this would happen as soon as I quit my job and don’t misunderstand, Nathan is far better than “stuff” but I happen to be a “stuff” person.  (that’s not a pretty thing to admit!)  So, what’s got me all is a tizzy?  Well, I found a really awesome cabinet yesterday that I want for the living room.  I LUVE it!  Now back in my bonus check days I’d just tell Mike I was buying it and that would be that.  Now?  It has to be a discussion, I have to “ask” and I don’t like that one bit!  He hasn’t given me an answer yet cause I really suck at asking and he may not have known that I was totally serious, I don’t want to beg so to speak, but I am crossing my fingers.  I did offer to do his laundry but he rememberd pretty quickly that I already do that.  Heh!  I don’t like that I have given up the ability to have what I want when I want it.  But, no one will hire you just until I make enough for this one cabinet and I’m outta here. Darn-it.

 Just look how cute!

Asian Cabinet - Red

And look- I have the perfect spot!

yeah, I taped it off.  WHAT?  You have to check scale people- SCALE! 


8 thoughts on “Spoiled. Rotten?

  1. I am totatally a “Stuff Person” as well. I hope you get it sooner rather than later. (I love that you taped it off to see if it would work, a girl after my own heart).

    BTW- Target sells Converse now!!!

  2. That cabinet is absolutely adorable. We’re big Asian antique furniture nerds and if Mike needs a little “encouragement” just let me know and I’ll have Laz give him a call. I love that you blocked the space off; it would fit perfectly!

  3. I am DYING that you taped it off!! That is hysterical! Leave it up.. if he doesn’t get the point THEN, we need to have his head checked!!

  4. Ok…not surprised one bit, not in the least but good Lord woman…take that post it note off the wall!

    love you!

  5. Your black Converse = my Doc Martin Boots. My Mother thought the world would come to an end becasue her little girl was wearing combat boots! Ha!

    Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and apparently where you want it. Cute cabinet.

  6. It really is gorgeous and I think it would look great where you put it. If you are serious about wanting some cash of your own and wanting to stay home with Nathan, maybe you could watch another baby when Nathan gets a little older. The other baby could keep Nathan occupied and play with him and you could get a little moolah to call your own. I did it when my kids were little and it worked out very well. Just an idea.

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