Testing Complete

I woke up very early, as I knew I would.  I got ready to go while the baby slept, taking my time trying to keep calm.  I know he can hear, he talks to me,  he turns his head in the direction of my voice, even on the left.  He has to be hearing.

We arrived at Children’s Hospital and I watched a sick little boy being wheeled down the snowy sidewalk and my heart ached for him.  We can do this, I said out loud to Nathan.  This is nothing.

Somehow he stayed awake for the entire car ride, he’d been awake for a couple hours actually.  I was feeling less worried about him napping.  Checking in I asked if I would be allowed to nurse him rather than bottle feed, of course, she answered.  I was feeling even more relieved,  he was showing signs of sleepiness and I knew just a few minutes of feeding and he would be sound asleep.

We were taken back to a dark and quite room with a recliner and a nightlight, the halls were lined with posters. Shhh, baby sleeping.  They seemed to understand that they were asking a lot and were doing their best to provide an atmosphere where myself and baby would be at ease.  The audiologist told what she needed to do, she washed his head and applied little electrodes behind each ear and two on his forehead, then she put in a baby size earbud for sound. She told me to take my time, the test is only 20 minutes but our appointment is scheduled for 90 minutes so the baby has time to drift off. She would be back to check on us.  Two checks later Nathan was sound asleep, but, he’d taken out both earbuds.   She was able to get them back in without waking him.

The testing was nerve wracking. I was watching the screen and one wave length read Left the other Right.  I was sure something was wrong, one side was reacting much more than the other.  I was shaking, watching and waiting for her to say something or even sigh loudly.  She gave me nothing,  I just sat in silent, my arm asleep from Nate’s weight, I am starting to sweat.   After several more minutes she finally speaks.  Everything looks perfect, but, we have two more series and the inner ear exam to go.   I relaxed a little.

He passed all of them.  There is no indication of any hearing loss, he heard every tone they played and the makeup of his inner ear is perfect, no deformities at all. 

I should feel more relieved but I’m still on edge, I just need some time.   Seeing that little boy and his IV bag smiling in the snow this morning gave me a bit of perspective that I was really needing, I need to remind myself to relax and even if there had been a problem.  Whats a little sign language going to hurt?

We go back when he is 8 months for a interactive test, rather than the brain frequency one like today. Just to be sure his development is what it should be though the Dr didn’t have any reason to believe there would be any problem passing it either.

So, were good.  The little sweetie is upstairs sleeping it off and I’m getting there.  Feeling like such a rookie, getting all worked up over something so small, but I’m getting there.


3 thoughts on “Testing Complete

  1. Oh, I’m so happy it went well! You’ve been in my thoughts all day–I’ve lived with hearing loss for a long time, and even though it’s not the worst thing in the world it’s certainly not always easy. You guys will stay in my prayers until you have complete results saying Little Man is fine.

  2. The getting all worked up over nothing just shows what a good mama you are!! You may as well just get used to the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve… the feelings never go away.

  3. YAY! Glad to hear that he passed all the tests and that you didn’t have to stress about the nursing & napping! 🙂

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