Tummy Time dropout

Nathan is over this whole develop your upper body strenght thing.   He’s just turning his cheek down on the mat and tucking his knees under.   So not the point!  Suggestions?  I’ve tried moving a toy just out of reach, propping him up on the baby size boppy.  He is having none of it.


7 thoughts on “Tummy Time dropout

  1. Whilst I don’t have any personal experience of the situation, from friends’ babies, reading stuff and general baby experience, I would say, don’t worry about it. He’s what, 2 months old? If he’s getting tummy time, he’ll be fine. My thoughts on these kind of things are, if he’s not doing it voluntarily, he’s not ready for it yet, and as long as you keep providing opportunities for him, he’ll get round to it at some point. And before you know it, he’ll be crawling, and you’ll long for those days when he would just lay there ;o)

  2. Not really a suggestion, but it sounds a little like he’s tucking those knees under for a reason…..like the will to crawl maybe? It’s a little soon, but he may just be doing what feels right to him. I agree whole heartedly with the comment above. As long as you provide the opportunity, he’ll do the rest. Does he seem to get frustrated after lying there for a while? You know grunt and turn red?

  3. I agree that he’s probably not ready for turning. Probably another month or so. But this is okay! Trust me… before I knew it, Brody was rolling all over the place and I would have to drag him out from under the dining room table. 🙂

  4. Charlotte does it too sometimes, but usually only when we’re not engaging her enough. When we sit down there with her and talk to her it keeps her attention and she will do tummy time longer. When we rely on her toys to keep her attention, she gives up a lot earlier. I don’t really know any suggestions to make, other than trying to sort of talk to him and play with him while you’re doing tummy time. But, odds are, you’re already doing that. He’s probably either not ready yet, or else maybe he’s just one of those babies who simply doesn’t “do” tummy time.

  5. Oh the tummy time. My Nate hated, hated, hated tummy time. He was better about it if I rolled up a receiving blanket and put it under his arms so he had a better vantage point. Also, try spinning a ball right in front of him so he has something engaging to look at. Another thing to try is putting a mirror down in front of him so he has plenty to look at while he’s face down. But mostly just keep at it, my son finally came around after months of trying.

  6. Tummy time seems to work best when you lay on the floor with your little guy. He’ll like looking at your face a lot more than just any old toy. Plus, believe it or not, modeling laying on your tummy is really beneficial. There are kids who don’t “do” tummy time as Victoria says…however, those kids usually also don’t crawl and skip straight to walking. It’s not the end of the world, but their core muscles aren’t as strong for the first couple years of life.

  7. Have you tried laying down on your back and putting him on your chest/stomach.? He’ll be face to face with you so he might like it better than having to be facedown on the floor. But if all these suggestions don’t work, seriously do not worry about it. Alice did probably 10 minutes total of tummy time before she was 6 months old. She screamed bloody murder immediately and I didn’t have the heart to torture her with it. Obviously she turned out OK. HA!

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