House and Home

Something about this time of year gets me amped up about doing things around the house.  I know, I know, I should be focusing on the last 10 baby lbs and trust me, I am.  But, there is just something about January’s arrival that gets me inspired. 

It may be that since buying the house all holiday gifts are for the house, no more jewelry, clothes, spa gift certificates.  It’s furniture, drapes, art and lighting.   All so exciting!  This year I know what has really got me going, it’s my SIL Shelley’s new fantastic kitchen and the family photos in her upstairs hall.  Now, I cant do squat about my kitchen, I have done all I can for now until we have some serious cash available to replace appliances, I would love to reface the cabinets and maybe new counter-tops but the appliances are a must.  That doesn’t keep me from dreaming.  The photos I can do.  I have some new ideas for the basement family room and my little home office/scrapbook area, also in the basement.   Our upstairs hall is very limited in wall space since most of it is open to the staircase and the foyer but I think I can make it work.   I love the idea of using these places for family shots since I’m sort of keeping the middle floor of the house a little more about design and style, for actual art and less personal stuff.  We have enough house, I should be able to accomplish it.  I have found curtains for the living room, I think I will end up ordering them in two colors and hang one of each, I cannot make up my mind about what will work I think I need to see them in person.

I just love this time of year, all of my creativity is flowing (albeit the photo project is stolen) and I have a healthy dose of willpower going as well.   The stack of “fit’s” is growing and the “almost fit” is shrinking!  All of this is so good! I’m so lucky that I didn’t need to go back to work,so lucky to stay home and concentrate on Nate, the house and my health.  All of these are gifts, all of which I am grateful.

Happy 2008!

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