Christmas Tour

We are finally home.  18 days is way too long to be away from home, all three of  us were worn out and very ready to come back.  Seems like it was hard on the pets too, they both came home and went right to sleep.  Now the baby is struggling, being 3 months old and having jet lag is bad news!

Our trip was fantastic.  Because we were there for such a long time we saw all of our friends and family and had time to do all of our shopping and still have free days.    We drove 1500 miles in those 3 weeks, that amazes me, thank goodness for unlimited rental car mileage.

Here are a few pictures of Nathan’s first Christmas..

I will be back with a real post really soon, Just wanted to say Hello. Nate too, look he’s waiving. 

Christmas chaos, can you spot all 4 little heads?

Nathan and beautiful Cousin Clara, they are 4 weeks apart

I hope his eyes stay blue!!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tour

  1. Hi! Gosh, he looks so beautiful! Bright eyed and bushy tailed! I’m glad you had a good trip, so so sorry about your grandfather. Glad to have you back. I have a new blog address –

    It came about because herhangout had such limited themes and they weren’t very friendly for what I wanted to do. Happy New Year!

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