I need to move it, move it!

Since having the babe I’ve been fairly sedentary.  Up at all hours, yes.  Walking from basement to 2nd floor for all diaper changes, yes.  Holding boy while cooking, cleaning, sometimes.  But actual heart thumping, honest to goodness exercise.  Hardly.  I can count the trips to the gym on ONE hand since I birthed the chunky monkey, one hand.  I walked a lot in his first two months before it was too cold, but winter in Ohio, well she’s a bitch. The little red hand on the scale has been kind to me, it continue to go down as long as I watch my snacking.  I’m a mere 4 lbs from my pre-baby weight and as all new Mom’s say, nothing is the same.  Sure, I can get my pants on but everythings messy.  Nothing is tight  or smooth like it used to be.  Okay, you can say its because it was all stretched out to house the baby and that’s true but I know that the real truth is because I have been lazy about getting back into shape.   There, I said it. 

I’m not comfortable with leaving Nate in day care at the gym and I’ve been too dang lazy to get our day worked around it anyway. I had planned on meeting Mike there in the evenings and using the day care then, too.  But no, haven’t done either.  Its time.  I need to make this a priority.  I was in great shape prior to pregnancy, running, yoga and light weight training.  I was as happy with my figure as I had been since I was at my “fighting weight” on my wedding day.   I want that back.  I won’t ever be as light as I was that day, that # is not where I’m healthy but, I can get back to happy.

So, how will I do it?  I’m not totally sure yet.  One thing I can do at home is the Yoga, I have a TiVo full of Inhale, I’m going to start there.  I will also bite the bullet and drop Nate off and hit the treadmill again.  I am just struggling with my health vrs his, if he gets sick I will be SO pissed.  Putting him in the nursery will expose him, that makes me nervous.  I feel like I have the upper hand with that when he is home or out in public with me, but dropping him off… I don’t know.  It’s not the care I’m worried about, just the germs.   What is more important, getting my abs back or a healthy baby?  I’m totally over thinking this,  no?

I have to get it figured out, that is for sure.  Mike tells me every single weekend to just say the word and he will watch the boy, and sometimes I go, but really, hardly ever.   One thing is for certain.  When Nathan hits 6 months we are getting into swim class, I don’t want to be the Mom in the pool with a skirt on her suit!


My Baby Wont sleep pie, errr cake.

Anyone see Waitress? It’s cute, she names her pies stuff like that.  I’m cheatin’ on my husband pie, or Husbands gonna kill his cheatin’ wife, pie.  Anyway.

I’d rather pour a glass of wine or drive thru Starbucks but for now baking will have to do. 

Pumpkin Spice with chocloate chunks!

It is good!  So moist with the pumpkin and cream cheese added to the mix, Yum! 
This week has been so hard. I though the worst of the night shift was behind us but the 4 month sleep regression has reared its ugly head.  From what I have read this may not improve until around after 20 weeks.  It helps to know that nothing is wrong and that it is just growth spurt related by my word, how much can one baby grow in a short period.  He is already a big healthy boy,  like add the disclaimer of the camera adds 10 lbs healthy.  His 4 month check up is on the 6th, I’m betting his Dr changes her tune about adding rice cereal in.  Even if she doesn’t and says to give it to him,  I may not.  I don’t think he will benefit one bit from it, why not wait until 6 months?  Well see, just my feeling for right now.  I will certainly listen to the Dr’s advice before making any decisions.  Anybody else feel like its just empty calories and lacking in nutrition? Not unlike the cake, pictured above?  Look, I used egg beaters, Enova oil and reduced fat cream cheese, OKAY?! Heh.

Tired, Again

Well, I knew it couldn’t last forever.  We had a terrible night last night!  Nathan was down at 10 but it was quite a battle.  He was up at, 11, 1:15, 2:30, 4:15, 5:35, ate at 6, and up for the day at 8 and all smiles.  Thank goodness we both got a nap after his 10am feeding but cripes, that blew!

I’m hoping it was a one night thing…..

Also, he’s really getting heavy so I got on the scale with him yesterday.  16 lbs! 

Baby Music

I SWORE I would not be one of those parents. You know the kind, the kind that people who already have kids roll their eyes at and say yeah right you just wait, under their breath.  As soon as you turn the key in the ignition Wiggles or some such shit starts blaring and your subconscious starts singing out loud.  Well, I’m not there, yet.  But I do have a favorite and its not in the adult alternative category that most of our music falls into.

It is Renee’ and Jeremy.  Have you heard of them?  SIL Becky gave it to me/ Nathan for a Christmas gift and I adore it!  It’s sort of kids music for adults.  A  Jack Johnson mixed with an indy feel for babies.  It’s fantastic, and so damn sweet.   Since coming home from our trip I put Nathan in the Bjorn while I cook dinner and we sing and dance and cry and he loves it as much as I do.   it’s just a couple of parents who wrote some songs for their kids and its really great. It’s not in the car but we do listen to it on most days!

You can hear a few of the songs if you go to the link above. This is a perfect gift for anyone who is expecting, especially if they are as sappy as I am! Oh and another random plug, Closet-Monkey.  Fun closet organizer for baby clothes of all sizes!

DeLurk- All the cool kids are doing it!

Us in the blog world use a little word, lurking.  It’s when you, the reader slip in, read and slip out.  Never commenting just enjoying our little corner of the web and leaving, undetected, or so you thought.  See, since I moved to wordpress I now have a function that counts visits so while I don’t know most of who has been here, I can see how many people are visiting. My stats are starting to blow my socks off, I typically get less than 10 comments, I never knew so may people were coming  so I would really love to know who is out there.

So, today is the day!  You don’t have to say much, just Hi or De-Lurking or  BO!  Come on, you can do it.

Nathan wants to know who you are.

Honestly, I’m humbled.  Thank you all for making me part of your day.  I’m happy that there is something here you enjoy.  Even if it is just the cute kid!


I may just jinx this but Nathan has slept through the night for the past 3! We take risks around here, look at him swinging with out his seat belt!  Haha.  I’m beside myself.  This is better than Diet Coke! 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Spoiled. Rotten?

I have always found a way to get what I want.  Now, that sounds sort of bad but hear me out.  As a kid when I wanted a pair of black Converse, Mom said, I’m not buying you those ugly shoes, you want them you buy them.   I was in 5th grade so I babysat and did a load of chores to earn the money.  But in the end,  you can bet I got those shoes.  This pretty much applies to my whole life, when I want something I get it.   Of course as I got older it got easier, with outside babysitting jobs and eventually real work.  I got my drivers licence, car and first job all in the same breath.  I had to have money, not just for gas but for life.  Each new item I would find a must have I would come home and find a way.  I would get so excited planning out a budget or a way to earn more and figure exactly how long it would take before the coveted item would be mine.  How many weeks at this job or how long until the next bonus check.

Well, now that I’m not working I’m hosed!  No allowance, I don’t get paid for chores, I can’t  just do extra laundry or clean my room or wash the car.  I don’t get paid for that or anything.  It sucks! I knew that this would happen as soon as I quit my job and don’t misunderstand, Nathan is far better than “stuff” but I happen to be a “stuff” person.  (that’s not a pretty thing to admit!)  So, what’s got me all is a tizzy?  Well, I found a really awesome cabinet yesterday that I want for the living room.  I LUVE it!  Now back in my bonus check days I’d just tell Mike I was buying it and that would be that.  Now?  It has to be a discussion, I have to “ask” and I don’t like that one bit!  He hasn’t given me an answer yet cause I really suck at asking and he may not have known that I was totally serious, I don’t want to beg so to speak, but I am crossing my fingers.  I did offer to do his laundry but he rememberd pretty quickly that I already do that.  Heh!  I don’t like that I have given up the ability to have what I want when I want it.  But, no one will hire you just until I make enough for this one cabinet and I’m outta here. Darn-it.

 Just look how cute!

Asian Cabinet - Red

And look- I have the perfect spot!

yeah, I taped it off.  WHAT?  You have to check scale people- SCALE! 

Forced Eviction

So, I have been thinking lately of my little blog circle of women.  I am sure we don’t all have the same people on our daily lists of people we follow but of those who I do, there are a slew of new moms.  All of us have given birth to our first babies since September and there is one very interesting thing most of them have in common.  They are, in order of birthdays.


2. Victoria

3. Me

4. Sister in Law- Becky

5. Sarah

6. Bree

7. Jamie

 Of that list, one of us went into labor, Me.  The rest of these women were induced.  6 of the 7.  Now that is only half of it, of the 6 only one, Sarah, delivered naturally.  The rest, ended in c-section.   Okay, so not the worlds largest sample size but its’ something.   Most of them were okay with the turn of events that brought on the sections and two of them had big babies (Bree and Parker)so that was a good call.   I just can’t help but wonder why, how much of this was because the drug that was to put the body into action just failed them, rather than the woman’s body’s at fault for failing to progress.   If they went on about pregnancy how many of them would have ended up that way?  How many could have gone naturally?  I wonder if “modern medicine” has become too modern, and maybe we need to let the babies tell us when they are ready? Not for me to say but its something.  It makes me wonder what the hurry really is*?  I understand that the placenta only functions at it’s best for around 41 weeks and after that the baby is better off on the outside but does it still do a good job?  A job sufficient enough to let it ride a little longer to prevent major surgery for the mother?  I just wonder.  Aside from the discomfort of late pregnancy and the need for the baby to just vacate already, is inducing really the way to go?  I think that if I were given a choice with my second baby, I would rather wait it out a bit to avoid it. 

What do you all think? If your on my list of induces do you wish now that you could have waited longer for your body to kick in to gear?  Feel that maybe it never would have and this was cool with you?  Bree,  I think I know your answer- hell to the no! Y’all her sweet little girl Kara, weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz.  That’s some amazing gestating right there!

So am I off base or do you all think that there is something going on here? Are the Dr’s in too much of a hurry to get these little ones delivered?

*all of this is of course in hindsight.  I was a very large and evil pregnant woman who was bartering with my fetus to get out on a daily basis!

EDIT:  Had I stepped foot into my OB’s office at 40 weeks, I too would have been induced.