Random Bits

I was this  close to getting all proud and posting a picture of me in one of my few pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that I managed to pour myself into yesterday, meaning I got them buttoned and zipped but they don’t quite “fit”…. and then this morning I decided to go thru my drawers.  Everything in them and my closet has gone unworn since about Februar/March when my chest started busting out of everything I own.   So, I needed to take some inventory. Then, I made the horrible mistake of trying things on.  It was not pretty!  All of my tops are too short, way too short.   I gained FIVE cups ya’ll, nothing in band width but 5 cups, this is taking up precious space in all of my shirts.  Not that big of a deal for this stay at home gig though right?  Sure.  The problem is this.  Next Thursday we head to WA for two weeks.  How in the hell are two pair of jeans and about 5 or 6 tops going to get me thru two weeks?  I’m going to have to do laundry but UGH!  I like to pack to look cute for my visits home since we see family and friends that we only see once or twice a year.  All I can think of is that line from Steel Magnolias- “Looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket”… SO no gloating that I got those jeans on.  There is no victory in this whatsoever. My goal was to be in my old clothes by this trip but Im not going to make it. I am dreading all of the family photos that will be taken, especially since a good 3 lbs of weight still hanging on is in my face.  Speaking of packing, do I bring my pump or not?  I cannot make up my mind,  we can go out on New Years eve if I do but the bag is not small….

In other news, this little baby of ours is really getting the hang of sleeping!  Last week he had two nights he slept for 5 hours straight and on Saturday night he went 7.5!  It was wonderful.  He seems to be getting into a really predictable schedule with both bedtime and naps which is awesome, I’m sure our trip and the 3 hour time change will blow it all.. oh, now I am sad again.

Remember a few months back I was talking about things to get done in the house before the baby?  One thing Mike and I disagreed on was getting our living room furnished.  Well its about done now.  We got a couple tables this weekend to add to the couch and chair we got about a month ago.  I am loving it!  Its really feeling like home on that floor now plus we have our tree in the same room. It is so nice and warm!  We need curtains and art, a rug and I have a bunch of paint swatches I’m working with but it is coming together.   YAY! 

 That’s about all that’s going on around here.. and so I dont dissapoint,  I know why you all come here…..


7 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. I think it’s amazing that you could get your old jeans on – hurrah for you! Your new furniture looks awesome – very chic, but still really comfortable and inviting. I so hope that we can see you guys somehow when you are home. I’m sure you have one million people you need to see who are dying to see Nathan, so I totally understand if it’s not possible, but if you do have a free moment, just let us know! No worries if you’re wearing a minimal wardrobe. I’m 22 weeks right now and finding clothes that fit is a huge challenge. I still can’t find jeans – why are all the panels the kind you pull up to your rib cage? I also have an issue with pants giving me wedgies and shirts having sleeves that are too short. I have a lot of “3/4 length sleeve” shirts.

  2. Baby…is so cute (of course) but is that the SAME IPOD in that picture? What what what?!!?!!!? LOL

    Love and Miss you guys!

  3. Congrats on the jeans. I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world who heard that line on Steel Magnolias! But really, you can’t be that bad.
    As always, Nathan is just precious. Congrats on him sleeping better! Feels like such a victory, doesn’t it?
    Your living room is beautiful as well. Check this out–we have one like it and the picture isn’t half as nice.

  4. Have you thought about checking out any thrift shops, or even trying some of your cuter maternity shirts? They are usually generous for the bodacious boobies. Sisters and best friends are also good for wardrobe raiding.

  5. I gave up and bought new clothes at Target, and gave away most of my “old” clothes. Of course, now the “new” clothes are too big and I’m wishing for my “old” clothes. I can’t win. But I will say I had only one pair of jeans I could fit in 2 months post partum, so you must be doing great.

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