2 Months

 I knew that this kiddo had grown quite a bit, and lord knows he loves to eat.   We had a check up yesterday, his birth weight was 6lbs 6 oz, he was in the 5% at 11 days at 6-13.  Yesterday this little porker weighed in at 11 lbs 13 oz!  He is now in the 75%.

The second month was both wonderful and completely terrible.  He went from a really easy baby to one that was gassy (my fault!) and one who all but stopped sleeping!  His nights went from 3-4 hours of sleep at a time to 2, his naps were nearly all day long to maybe one 30 minute nap twice a day, if I was really lucky, he’d give me an hour. Thankfully this is all changed now, he is sleeping at night and napping again!

The wonderful, well the wonderful can’t hardly be put into words.   At 5 weeks he started smiling, not at us but not because of gas.  At 6 weeks, he smiled right at me and giggled.  Then we went on to cooing and to him talking to himself in the mirror, and responding with noises when we talk to him.  He is not only holding up his head but he pulls his whole body away from mine to look over my shoulder, he bears his weight on his legs to stand,  he is turning his head to watch us move around the room.  He loves his play mat, swatting at the hanging toys,  he will stay in his crib content for up to 20 minutes watching his mobile, he is noticing new textures when he touches them.  To watch him grow and change and gain strength is just amazing.  Though sad, everyday my tiny little baby is slipping away from me, already.

It happens so fast!  You know kids grow fast but until you have an infant in your house that you spend each and every day with, I had no idea how quickly this would happen.  I feel like sitting up, crawling and drivers ed are right around the corner… hold me!

Here is the big boy- he sits up really well like this but his arms are always moving trying to keep his balance, I suppose his 75% head could be contributing?


4 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. I look at these pictures and just want to snuggle him, to bury my nose in his neck and inhale as hard as I can! He is adorable.
    For me, this childhood thing has gone so fast. I miss having a little baby I can snuggle and cuddle and take naps with… but a toddler who gives kisses and expresses joy at things like snowfall and new boots and Christmas music is pretty cool too.
    I wonder what new thing will replace these? And how soon?

  2. He’s absolutely precious. I can’t believe he can sit up! Charlotte isn’t brave enough to try–I mean, why sit up on your own when you can sit against Mommy and feel confident that you won’t fall? lol
    It’s so much fun watching them discover the world, isn’t it?

  3. Hey,
    What’s up? Got your card — Thanks!!

    Keep writing, Alison and I love reading it!!


    PS– great pics!!

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