Now What?

I have been finding myself at a loss for words, and sort of finding myself lost as well.  I have so much going on, tons to talk about with a sister but not so much that I feel like its of any use here.  I was talking to Mike last night about possibly wrapping it up here but he encouraged me to keep at it.  Even if you all stop reading I guess its a good outlet.

So, I mentioned last week that the baby was eating every 2 hours and I wasn’t getting any sleep.  That day I decided I had enough and forced a schedule on him and it actually worked!  It took a couple days but hes got it now, he’s eating every 4 and taking naps again.  His “snacking” was really messing him up and he wasn’t getting nearly enough rest. He is much more content now.  Thank goodness, I was about to loose it.

I’m struggling a lot with what to eat.  Nathan has had a couple belly aches and the first one I know what caused it but this weekend was pure Hell and I have NO idea what I ate this time.  My Mom told me to cut out onions and apples, Ive done both and he has been fine ever since.  Its so hard,  I mean, apples?  How was I supposed to know that?  Its really exhausting, I question every single thing that goes in my mouth, I’m temped to just eat the exact same thing for the next 10 months just to be sure I don’t make him sick.  Its so heartbreaking to know that your baby is hurting and it is your fault…. nobody tells you this stuff!  I knew I couldn’t have caffeine and shouldn’t drink but to find out you cant eat bananas, apples, and all sorts of other stuff that are a huge part of your diet, well it sucks! I have googled breast feeding diet a thousand times and the results are not that great, its mostly trial and error but damnit, when you error it is terrible.

We had a little playdate on Monday!  Okay so it was more for us Mom’s than the kids but it was so good to put on a pair of real shoes and blow dry my hair and have a woman to talk to in person!   It proved that I need to get out more.  Last week I was so exhausted and a bit down because of the lack of sleep that I didn’t leave the house for 6 days!  6 days- that is not healthy.  I know this now, if we didn’t get 6 inches of snow overnight we would be out today.  I can drive in it by the way, it’s just that Mike took my car becuae it handles much better and has the only car seat base. Tomorrow we will leave, N’s 2 month check up and I have a few errands to run.   Too bad hes too small to appreciate this snow!


6 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. I truly hope you do not stop writing! I enjoy reading your site and I enjoy your stories! Plus, I need a baby dose and your little Nathan is amazing!

    As for breastfeeding, well, it never really worked for me and my boys. They were too lazy… or maybe that was me. I do know how tough it is and remember that each baby is different. You should contact your local La Leche league for more information on diets. Plus, they are a great support for breastfeeding moms.

    I hate to say this, but I have heard that chocolate is really irritating for a baby’s tummy. 😦 That would have killed me!

    I’m glad Mike encouraged you to keep up the site. Melodie

  2. The picture is so pretty! I wish we got snow. 😦
    And please don’t stop writing! I don’t always say anything because sometimes I don’t know what to say, but I love reading about Nugget’s growth and what’s going on with you.
    Don’t get too down about the breastfeeding stuff. Soon he’ll be big and eating table food and the experience will be over all too soon. Meantime we’re here for you!

  3. I agree with the others, please don’t stop writing! You give me a look ahead to my (VERY) near future and it is so helpful. I also really enjoy seeing Nathan’s beautful face! I think you need to do a daily Nathan photo! =)

  4. Keep at it. Over time you and your sweet one will figure out what you can eat! The breastfeeding will be over before you are ready! If it is gas that he is having a problem with try just laying him on your lap belly down and rubbing his back. Mogo loved that when she was having gas pains.

    Don’t write for us, write for you. We will read.

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