Living thousands of miles away from family during the holidays really puts a damper on the way things are supposed to be.

 Growing up Thanksgiving was a great holiday.  Grandma would pop the turkey in the oven and we would either hang out watching football or head to the mountains for inter-tubing and sledding, years later the sledding swapped for cutting down our trees.    Early evening would come and we would all meet back at Grandmas for a the huge dinner. Mom would make a pie per person,  everyone was to have their favorite.  There isn’t anything spectacular about these memories and there was always some big fight either between the kids or the adult-kids but it was our thing.  I loved it.

This year marks our 7th away from our families.  We are trying to create new traditions for this holiday since we wont ever fly far for it, we save that for Christmas.  This  has been hard.  A few years that we lived in NC we drove to FL to be with my Step Family and my Dad, a couple years we went it alone.  Now here we are in OH, last year our friends from NC made the 8+ hour drive to be here with us.  We had a great weekend, eating and shopping and sort of feeling like we had created our own little family.  This year they are coming back!  Two days, just two days and my house will be full of love and smells of warm turkey and sounds of laughter,  and don’t forget Guitar Hero.  If these are not the makings of new tradition I don’t know what are. 

I’m so thankful for these friends who make sure we are together.  I love them, and am proud to have them in my family.  Who says family has to be blood?  Now, as Mike and are have our own family its time to make some new traditions, and this is a perfect fit.


3 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Well,,I liked it when you came to florida. Sue and I will spend Thanksgiving working in Canada – its just a thursday for them. Even though you are starting your own traditions, know your family is thinking of you. We love you.


  2. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world 🙂 Little N literally grew in my arms. Next time we see him, he will be triple the size 😦
    Love ya woman!!! Thanks for the AWESOME dinner and great new mommy advice!

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