Best Friends

I have been asked a few times how Bruno is adjusting to the baby.  I am happy to say very well.  The first night home from the hospital was hard on him.  When Nathan would wake in the night and cry Bruno would go nuts.   He sleeps gated in the kitchen,  not being able to come and check out the source of this noise made him crazy.  The second night, he was adjusted.  He seems to actually like him,  he comes over and gently licks his foot, head or whatever he can reach.  He sits next to me on the couch when I am nursing him.  He pretty much acts as though nothing has changed.   He seems to be happy just hanging out where ever we are.  I hope B lives long enough for them to become buddies.

Geeze, think there are enough blankets?  One is Nathans, one mine, one Brunos.  It’s not even cold down here.

Please spare me from any stories you know of someones dog eating a baby… I never leave the two unattended.


6 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Ok…make me cry one time why don’t ya. “I hope B lives long enough for them to become buddies.”

    Love you, Miss you and I hope you guys have a great Turkey day!

  2. I too was wondering how they were doing together. It will be VERY interesting to see hour our animals deal with Jillian. Our dogs are both still very young (2 years & 8 months) so they are not as laid back as Bruno!

  3. That is adorable. We are at the stage (R is almost 2) where her greatest joy in life is to boss the dogs around. Bruno might enjoy it as much as our two do!

  4. We heard horror stories about cats too but other than Kitty stealing bottles and pacis we haven’t had trouble. Mikey even tries to protect Baby.
    I’m glad Bruno is enjoying Nathan. It’s a huge relief to realize that your babies will get along, isn’t it?

  5. There was this one time…. I heard that a dog ate a baby. Wow… Kidding of course. Im sure that the occasional sniff / lick is plenty for B. haha


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