I don’t even know me anymore

I have gone to the dark side!  It’s not even my fault.  I got all of this stuff as shower gifts and then my sister in law comes to visit for a week and we are on some city wide hunt for the best supply stores and OMG before you know it…… I’m a scrapbooker!  What’s next, Tupperware party’s?   Send Help!


7 thoughts on “I don’t even know me anymore

  1. You are in for it! My MIL got me addicted 2 years ago and now our office is now a scrapbooking room! I have so much stuff I don’t even know what I have! If you ever get interested I’m in a yahoo group with a bunch of other people and we share scrapbooking ideas and stuff. Let me know and i’ll send you an invite.

  2. I totally got sucked into the scrapbooking craze too! And I used to mock those poor scrapbooking ladies….here I am, just one of the masses!

  3. I used to scrapbook with paper, until the little hands started reaching for the scissors. Now I do all the scrapbooking digitally. It’s awesome! I can make copies of the pages I make and send them to my mom! If you like paper, you’ll love scrapbooking! Plus, the little man is such a cute subject! 🙂

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